Having just read a post by Kathyk it triggered a thought, it might be interesting, and funny, to see what others have done, prompting you to want to 'get out of here'

I recall a time, not too long ago, when I went to a large store to look at lampshades. I lifted a glass globe type shade from a rack and was just admiring it when, almost in slow motion, the others began rolling to the front of the shelf and before I had time to respond, crash, crash.

I looked at my son, we both cracked up laughing and then both said 'quick lets get out of here'.

Any more?

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oh dear.. if they caught you you may have had a bill! x


yeah that's what I thought too.


This happened years ago. I was on holiday in Ireland with my best friend, we were in a small village by the sea, went into a bar for a drink - not realising it was one of those bars for 'ladies of the night' - a man asked me if I fancied a sausage!! My friend said 'on a count of 3...' - never moved so fast! So funny!


Brill, but embarrassing, lol.


My dear friend is a bad influence on me. We took a trip to a garden centre with a little shabby chic shop attached. I was looking at some egg timer alarms which made different whistling noises when going off and my friend started to wind the whole shelf up encouraging me to join in. Then she said lets get out of here before they all go off. Im not a fast mover as I walk with aids so we had only just got to the door when the first few started to sound their alarm and people in the shop wondered what was going on. We got in the car giggling like a couple of school girls.


Sounds like something my friend would do, sometimes you just have to do it! Good to have a giggle though no matter what your age, that's what I say anyway - some would say 'grow up' but I know what I would say back, lol.


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