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Iv got to go for an eye screening test as im on hydroxychloriquin as one of my medications, i was just wondering if anyone knew what happenes? Like is it just a normal eye test? Im only askin as i googled it and it was saying i have to have eye drops for the procedure and wont be able to drive myself home as i will have blurred vision for up to six hours. Sounds a daft thing to ask i know but just wanted to check so i know whether to get a lift, my doctors receptionist said i just go to a regular opticians so was just wondering if what i found on google was totally wrong haha

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  • I'm on hydroxy and sometimes I get drops put in, but the blurriness only lasts a short while - maybe 15 minutes. Other times they don't use them at all. Sorry not much help!

  • Himself has to have retinal scans because of his T2 diabetes. He has drops in his eyes, I'm sorry I don't know what they are, to dilate the pupils so they can look at his retinas for extra blood vessels etc. These drops leave his sight very blurry and he needs to wear sunglasses afterwards as they leave him super sensitive to light. The blurriness clears reasonably well after an hour but longer to be totally back to normal. When I was tested for glaucoma it was the same thing. If this is the sort of test you are going for I would say you will need a lift there and back. I hope this helps.


  • Thank you, im not sure what tests ill need all iv been told is to arrange an eye test, im hoping they can tell me more, just wanted advise from anyone whos had the same to get more info. Thanks again

  • Hi Emma. When I went (To Specsavers) it was just a full eye test..no eye drops. I suspect once you've told them about Hydroxychloroquine they're a bit more thorough. I'm guessing you know it's a yearly test so my advice is to keep an eye out for a voucher. Specsavers do a £10 offer. Best wishes Paul

  • Yeah iv been told i have to go every year for a test just wasnt sure if they always use the drops so i know to arrange a lift. Im guessing theh will be able to tell me once i book an appointment. Thank you

  • I've been once to get the eye drops in 10 years being on hydroxycorquin, they put the drops in you're eyes you sit down for 15 minutes come back in shine a light in your eye and see how ur pupils go. Also they could send you for a photograph of your eye at the hospital, though the opticians do the same thing but the hospital needs a record.

    Btw you will look like a vampire after take sunglasses lol you will need a lift. The light does annoy the eyes it only lasts for 1 hour really.

    I go get my own eyes checked every year by my own optician he knows what medicine I am on and has records of my eyes over 10 years. He would know more then the hospital if the medication is effecting me. It's a very small chance this medication can effect the eyes dramatically you have to be on a very high amount for a long period of time.

    Mostly they will drop down the dose after so long so you don't get immune to it.

    Eyes, lungs, heart, X-rays all the joys lol. Once every year.

  • I had one other day.I requested it as my normal test wouldn't of been til next year and it does advise you to have yearly ones as hydroxychlorine can effect retina. I had small eye test like you do then he scanned each eye and then photoed them.he did put dye in too and he did colour test to see what numbers I could see on cards.

    I wear contacts and it's first time in 27 years that eye is affected

    My eyes weren't bleary afterwards thou

  • It's not a normally eye test. You will have a very brief eye test reading the chart on the wall and a field of vision check to check periferal vision. Then they will put yellow drops in both eyes and you then sit and wait until they work dilating the pupils. Your eyesight will go very blurry, but it enables the ophthalmologist to look at the back of the retina using his/her eyepiece and a slit magnifying lens. It's not painful at all and the only thing that touches your eye is one eye drop in each eye.

    After the appointment you need to wear sunglasses to avoid too much sun getting into your enlarged pupil and you cannot drive so you'll need someone to pick you up. It will take an hour or two for your eyesight to go back to normal. I normally lie down in a darkened room and have a snooze.

    It is very good you are having this check (my hospital didn't provide eye exams as they should do on this drug). You need a check every year to pick up any changes.

    Best wishes

  • Firstly have you been advised to attend a regular optician or Hospital?

    If you go to a regular optician, they wil do the basic eye chart check to check your vision ( i.e if need to wear glasses, contacts etc). They will ask a basic history of your eye health and family eye health. Is there a history of Glaucoma, cataracts, that sort of thing. If you've had a eye test (which you surely would of had in your lifetime) then this is pretty normal to you.

    They will test the pressures as per standard ( the puffer test), They will probably then photograph you eye. Depending on your otpticians, they will either just ask you to cover one eye at a time whilst photographing the other one. Or they might ask you about having drops up in. The drops are optionally, but if you are unsure ring up the opticians prior arrival. They will then put you on another machine called OCT, this scans the back of your eye like sonar in submarines. Its takes a broad scan of the back of your eye and essentially you'll have this done every year to compare year upon year. So you'll be in&out within 45 mins. But if you need to have the drops which dilate yours eyes, its an individual thing to wear off, it can take 1-4 hours pending on how sensitive you are to medications.

    If you attend a Hospital, they will probably do all the above, again the same advice with the dilating drops, but as mentioned in above post, they might use the yellow drops,which sting, but dont make your eyes blurry. The stinging only last 5 seconds, so dont worry about that.

    Hope this helps...

  • They first said it would be at a hospital then they said i just go to any opticions so was just getting advise on if i can drive myself there or not, iv had eye tests before so know what happens with them just wasnt sure if when on hydroxychlorine if it was a normal test they will do or something different. Thanks

  • Hi I have this test which year. I have some blurred vision but only for about half hour. By the time you have finished the test, paid etc its almost gone.

  • Hi

    I'm on HQC too and have an annual eye test.

    Not had to have drops.

  • Hi Emma 88

    I have been on hydroxy 3 years with annual eye tests. Sounds like opticians vary. Mine has moved on from the need for drops. Could you ask the optician when you make your appointment what their procedure is?

  • Yeah i think asking them will be best option so i know whether tl drive or not

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