Ran my 1st Race for life 2015

hi all, I ran the Race for Life today with my daughter at 09.30 and enjoyed it, it all went well. Even managed to knock 2 minutes of my last one from a few years ago. We raised £305 and my work are going to match it. I felt brilliant for running it, I strapped by knee up and was feeling brilliant until we were going back to the hotel and I fell in a pot hole and sprained my ankle and bruised my foot, so now I have crutches and a painful foot. Ended up in A and E for 3 1/2 hours. But just wanted to share the news that I jogged my way round.

Hope you are having Pain free day.

Carol xx

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  • Well done. That's great, apart from the A&E bit!

  • Wow -- what an achievement and inspiration. Well done ☺Hope the ankle mends well x

  • Well done Carol! What a shame the edge was taken off your celebrations by hurting your ankle. I'd try slathering lots of arnica gel on & rest it up as much as you can & hopefully it'll go down a bit quicker. Impressed by the A&E you attended by the way, the last trip to ours took 12 hours before transfering to the Acute ward! x

  • oh my goodness that is a long time in A &E. I thought my time was a long time. This morning my shoulder has started hurting as yesterday I landed on my shoulder when I fell and it did not hurt yesterday but today oh my goodness its like it was 2 years ago, cannot even lift my arm past my waist. I have been to the doctors and my doctor said how is your work about having time off and when I said they will not like it she then said I will write you a sick note for 10 days and you should start to feel better in about a week. So I took the sick note to work and they are so not happy about me being off work again! The first thing the horrible woman from work said is how LONG are you off sick? I said 10 days and then I will be going on holiday for 7days and she said I have to either have another sick note to cover for my holiday or get a fit note to say when I will be coming back to work after my holidays. she said if we pay you for your holidays and after your holiday you are on the SICK AGAIN for another month we will not be pleased! I felt so sick just going into work with my sick note.

  • Thank you all for your kinds thoughts, hope everyone is keeping well today. xx

  • Good for you what an inspiration! I love running......

  • Hello Carol :) Well done :) !!!! Such an accomplishment and an inspiration! My rheumy told me today that running is good for RA and that I should keep it up. I'd like to run a 10K in September :) xx

  • Go for it am sure you will do brilliantly! I really enjoyed it and both my daughter and I felt brilliant! It was unfortunate that I fell in the pot hole on the way back and now am on the sick for a few days yet. But am hoping to go back to work on Friday and have a few days at work before my holiday. Take care and thank you for your kind words everyone. X x

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