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Should I have steroid injections in my feet before my 1st Rheumy appointment?

I have got a mortons neuroma (swelling in the nerve) in both feet. I don't think all of my foot pain is all down to them though. The orthopaedic consultant has recommended injections in both of them. My question is I have an appointment with a rheumy 18th December will the injections mask the foot pain? Would it be better to postpone this until I get a diagnosis?

Secondly I have had a flare up since August typical pain, tiredness and flu like symptoms...since last week I have felt much better. Pains in hands achy stiff joints still as bad but the flu/ fatigue symptoms have all but gone Would you consider this normal for RA or PA?

Thank you in advance x

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Hello BOB here

All seems power to the course.

With regards the injections, if they are recommended,have the relief the RA Consultant will see from your records what has been done.

If required you can tell him what has been going on, do not worry they should have it covered.

All the best



And photograph any obvious redness or swelling in any joints in your body before you have the steroid injections - you can show these to the rheumy. But definitely get the pain relief:-}

Cece x


If it is a Mortons neuroma, and if that is where the steroid injection is going, then I would think it would be really useful to get that done before you see the rheumatologist - on the basis that if it fixes the pain then you know what it was, and if it doesn't, then its something more for the rheumatologist to look at. I wouldn't have the IM steroid injection or oral steroids immediately before seeing a rheumatologist though, as that will mask inflammatory joint pain.


Hi Cathyh I was diagnosed with Mortons Neuroma about 2 years ago about the same time as RA, after having another scan on my feet the radiologist could not see the M Neuroma but could only see arthritis, so all the pain I was having was not a MN but all the time it was RA !!! so please make sure you know what it is before you have any injections, if it was me I would wait and see the rheumatologist first, hope all goes well, please let us know the outcome.

Wendy x


This is a hard one to advise on as we don't know your consultant (as well as not being docs ourselves of course!). Like Bob says, ideally the rheumy consultant should be able to assess your condition even if your feet are no longer causing you a problem. But sadly I've heard too many people report that they struggled to get a diagnosis because painkillers and/or steroids were masking symptoms on the exact day they had their rheumy appointment. So I think you're being sensible to think about whether it's worth waiting. But it all depends on how horribly painful it all is, as a month with bad feet can be an awful long time,and whether there is other hard evidence to show a rheumy such as positive blood test results.

And yes, one of the (many) frustrating things about RA is that symptoms come & go. It can be really hard for friends and family to understand that you can be bouncy one day, and rubbish the next. So do keep a diary and as CeCe says, take photos. Hope appointment goes well. Polly


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