Hi everyone, went to see Rheumy Nurse this afternoon for follow up after having my knee drained last week and to see how I am coping with Methotrexate. I am feeling much better, not quite as sore, and it's good to be able to bend my knee again. I have to take it steady and not kneel down for too long but that's fine. I told her that I had migraines with the first three doses of Methotrexate and last week my head just felt strange, but not a headache as such. She went to speak with the Consultant who wants me to carry on as I am for another two weeks to see if it improves. He was going to increase the Mtx from 15mg to 17.5mg but has decided to hang fire. Also my CRP and ALT levels (I think that's what they said) have gone up so need to keep an eye on it and see what next readings are. Hopefully things will settle and I will continue to improve. Hope you are all seeing improvements too. X

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  • I'm pleased your knee is a little easier Sue. Do you think maybe your Rheumy is considering changing your MTX to injections? If so you may tolerate it better, I think I've said before it's common for side effects to be fewer or not as bad when we change over & often we don't need an increase, in fact some can have their dose lowered as less of the drug is lost so if you are changing you may be able to stay at 15mg. The headaches not being quite as severe would indicate to me that it's you getting used to MTX so let's hope the longer you're on it the fewer they'll become & your CRP & ALT levels start reducing. Do you take an anti inflammatory? I'm wondering if you need just a little more help to get your inflammation down, might be worth asking your Rheumy nurse if an NSAID would help. Oh now, I'm wondering is it your ALK phos or AST/ALT levels she's said have gone up, your liver levels. That would make sense as your Rheumy decided not to increase your MTX just now, your liver results may have raised, MTX can do this. I hope the next bloods show some improvement.

    As you say hopefully things will settle & improve. Keep us updated won't you? x

  • She just said they would review again after next blood tests in two weeks and if the levels are continuing to rise they will have to consider changing meds, I am sure she said ALT, to do with the liver. I need to educate myself as to what all these tests are, confusing at present. I am not taking anti infammatory. I am definitely feeling as though it is making a difference to my joints so hopefully, like you say, the headaches will continue to reduce. Took my Mtx last night and so far feel ok. Should get a letter in next day or so with next appointment date which will be in approx three weeks. I will let you know how it goes. Not back at work now until Tuesday so going to enjoy the time off and hope to catch up a bit in the garden, but I will be careful and just do short spells. Thanks for your advice. X

  • More than likely she said ALT or AST as it can affect the liver & if it is doing they won't increase your dose until it's come back down, they may even withdraw it until it's within the normal values. It would be a shame to change it if you feel it's doing some good so if they are maybe they'll discuss changing to injections for you but of course this is only conjecture. Hope you feel less headachey with your latest dose. How do you take it, all at once or split over the day? When I was on tablets I was directed to take my 15mg with meals so 2 with breakfast, 2 with lunch & 2 with dinner that way you don't bombard your body so much. I'd also ask about increasing your folic acid, that may help reduce your headachy feeling.

    Enjoy your long weekend, you know to not do too much at once, lots of breaks & you'll get more done without kn@ckering yourself! x ;)

  • I take all 6 at once after dinner, but spreading them over the day may be a good thing to suggest, thanks for that. Have a good day. X

  • Sorry Sue, only just noticed your reply! Some people do prefer to take them just before bed but my Consultant was concerned that they'd sit on my stomach & cause unnecessary problems so suggested I split them as I said with meals. I suppost you can only try & see what works best for you.

    Hope we have some sun over the weekend, it's been dull all day today yet quite mild. They've been piling in today, the roads have been chocca so we don't intend going too far tomorrow! x

  • I take them around 6.30pm so hopefully will be ok but spreading them out may be better. It's been dull here too and lots of tourists in town, always very busy at holiday times. I won't be venturing far either, rather potter than sit in traffic.

  • I hope you're feeling ok this morning Sue? Dull here but it does look as though the sun may just burn off the cloud, it's not a dense as it was yesterday.

  • I'm feeling fine today thanks, hope you are too. Went to supermarket this morning and just been in garden for a couple of hours pottering. It's very warm here today. Just come in for a cuppa and a rest then going to tidy up outside and call it a day, Going to have a shower then off to see a friend this evening so that will be nice. Enjoy the weekend. X

  • Oddly enough done the same! I planted up some geraniums in pots as we've so little flowering yet, the peonies are just about ready to burst into the most beautiful cerise & the only other colour is an mauve erysimum & the last of the blossom on the fruit trees. Shattered now so got my legs up & just treated myself to a satsuma.

    Hope you had a nice evening & you enjoy the rest of the long weekend. x

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