Thank you again to everyone who sent me a message.

Just a quick update, I called the Rheumatology helpline at local hospital this morning and left them a message regarding call from surgery, a lovely nurse called me this afternoon and explained everything apparently one of my liver function results is raised, I am going to have another blood test tomorrow and they will get registrar to look at results on Friday morning. She said that looking back on my previous blood test results my liver function has fluctuated before and gone back to normal, but reassured me that they would try and find out why and that it is nothing to be overly concerned about.

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  • So glad that the nurse reassured you --- bet that's a huge weight off your shoulders. We have enough to worry about with this'' wonderful disease""!! ☺

  • Thank you :)

  • I do hope it goes back down again - I think it is a fairly common problem with DMARDs such as Methotrexate - especially early on when the liver is adjusting. I certainly had raised liver enzymes several times when I was on MTX and have just had a different one come back raised but I'm not worrying about it unduly. Glad your rheumatology helpline reassured you and that they are being thorough and retesting again so soon.

  • Thank you Twitchytoes, it was nice to be able to speak to someone who actually sounded like she cared :)

  • I envy you this Rosielea. Our so called rheumy nurse (actually a physio) didn't even bother coming in to the ward next to her office to visit me when I was in hospital for 7 days. It's lovely when these people do their jobs and are also very kind to us.

    Hope we get such a nice set up re helpline when we relocate as planned. I know how much difference it can make from some of the really lovely nurses abc doctors in the hospital. X

  • Hello I have just had this happen myself,a call from Drs to stop mtx my liver ALT was raised but a repeat two weeks later showed all normal.i too have had a blip every so often in this reading.you will be fine love michelle xx

  • I am glad that you called and found out. I hate oi when a medical person calls and leaves you wondering and worrying until some time in the future, very very unfair. Hope the next tests are better and it all levels out again

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