Have got another bout of cellulitis. I have hugely swollen ankle/leg due to lymphodeama and RA in ankle, so gutted the cellulitis has sprung up again. Went to GP yesterday, you should have seen his face when I pulled up my trouser leg, think he was shocked at the sight !! Anyway on Clarythromycin antibiotic for a week and have to put my leg up, plus daily diuretics. I have only taken three of the tablets and already have a seriously yucky tummy, and still have another six days to go on them. Doctor says my ankle is horrendous, very hot and inflamed. He is e mailing Rheumy on Monday about my leg, and asking for him to see me before my next scheduled appointment on 1st June.

meanwhile due to antibiotics my glucose levels are going high (I am type 1 diabetic,,on insulin). So I am having to adjust my insulins, unable to contact my diabetes nurse until Monday morning for advice, so feel anxious about getting my dosage right. Why do these things always seem to happen at weekends ? Xxx

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  • I feel your pain! I had cellulitis rear its ugly head at my mum's wedding a couple of weeks ago - talk about timing. It sounds like you're getting good care and attention, so keep those feet up and keep sipping water or black tea and let the brilliant antibiotics do their job :-)

  • Hi Sailaway, sorry to hear you are a fellow sufferer ! How long did yours take to settle, and did you have antibiotics also, Lynda xx

  • This was my first bout, my foot and ankle were affected (it started in my big toe). I had 2 weeks of antibiotics which I've just finished, but I saw a huge difference within a few doses. I didn't stay off my feet as much as I should have at first so it didn't clear properly until I got my feet up (after a big telling off). Even in bed I put pillows under the sheet at the bottom of the bed so they were up all night.

  • I looked at your ankle and thought Oh they look like mine. little fatties! I have the same problem with swelling but no one seems overly concerned about it. I agree with you, why always the weekends or late at night when things go pear shaped? I really hope this doesn't send your levels haywire and you have diabetic problems too. Hopefully you can get on to he nurse first thing Monday morning. Do you have a pharmacist close by that you go to I know here in Oz they do diabetes monitoring etc and are usually pretty knowledgeable re drugs etc. Good luck

  • You have an option that people don't think of but I used to call the hospital Emergency room to ask a nurse. When I had a baby that was sick or she

    had chicken pox in her eyeball, that's who I called and my questions were always answered correctly. The nurses often asked the doctors. They are up all night anyway and there is always someone willing to answer. Good luck to you.

  • This wouldn't happen in the UK, such a phone call would not be put through; however there is the option of phoning NHS 24.

  • I have rung our out of hours NHS line to talk about insulin and antibiotics. A doctor rang me back and talked thru my glucose levels and what insulins to adjust. He also advised me to drink lots of water in order to pass some of the excess sugar through.

    Meanwhile my leg is still very red and sore, hopefully antibiotics will kick in soon.

  • Good to hear you had good advice from NHS 24. They so often are slated. Hope your tummy settles and the antibiotics quickly take hold. All the best for speedy recovery.

  • Did the antibiotics work last the other time/times? Just wondering if it is actually cellulitis. The docs said mine was a few weeks ago, but the antibiotics for 2 weeks didn't do a thing! I know what my problem is and even my GP agrees now it's called Erythromelalgia or EM for short. I also have RA and lymphodeama, plus a high red blood cell count causing thick blood. My GP is at a loss as to who to send me to as I have seen such a lot of different people. It's very rare and most doctors don't know about it. I am seeing a dermatologist on Tuesday as that's the only thing my GP could think of next and he actually does know about EM so I am praying that he has some answers.

  • I have never heard of EM, so been taking a look on line. I don't think it's what I've got, as I've only got it in one leg, nowhere else. I have had lymphodeama for many years, got badly bitten by Mosquitos and it damaged veins in my leg. I only have to have the smallest knock or anything and the cellulitis comes back with a vengeance. However my ankles are very swollen and painful with RA and the water has been building up on the leg for a few weeks. I'm supposed to wear support stocking but have to admit to not wearing it for last few weeks.

    Thanks for telling me about EM, I hope you get sorted soon, xx

  • OK if it is only in one leg then you are right you won't have EM! Mine is in both legs.

  • I had a bout with it and it took 4 antibiotics to solve it. Even so, it remained red. I caught the infection in the hospital. It was after a surgery while I was still in the hospital. I'm telling you as any infection specialist would, the bacteria is getting a lot smarter these days. They are having to dig deeper into the antibiotics that are reserved for the worst possible infections.

    I think that when your foot, ankle, leg are swollen up like that, you need to believe the doctor and infection specialist that it is what they are telling you it is. It may get a lot worse. You can and will have skin breakdown as a result of the skin being pulled so tight in the swelling and heat ..

    Many of the celluitis is treated in the hospital these days because it needs stronger antibiotics to fight. Believe that the hospital is a dirty, dirty, germ infested place. Many infections are circulating all of the time. It's the nature of the building. They try their hardest to follow protocol but all it takes is one person that is gloved to care for your leg and then they touch something and the contamination process starts again. You are better off at home in your own germs. (not insulting your housekeeping at all) it just is that way when we have germs. At the hospital you could pick up worse.

    When the infection goes away, it probably will remain red like it is now. The doctors that I saw over here in the USA like to treat it with steroid cream. They use it whenever they see red. haha.. but sometimes it's screaming for moisture lotions instead. I was given a lactic acid type of lotion that kept the leg clean after

    the infection was gone. Jeez, it worked so good but the doctor never refilled it for me. All of the slough fell off and my leg was smooth skin again. The steroids did nothing for my leg. It was expensive cream too. lol.

    Good luck with your leg sweets... I do hope that you feel great when done. Enjoy yourself with your feet up laying back. You have a great excuse to be lazy daisy for a couple of weeks. spoil yourself with popcycles and ice cream treats.. good sappy movies and some of the oldies too. Don't forget the popcorn... think of it as a vacation from responsibilities.. enjoy it. =) X Karen

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    I do not know anyone who works for the company nor do I own

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    XX Karen

  • Karen, I,had never heard of Juxta Lite before, so followed your link, they are very interesting and certainly a whole lot easier than getting support stocking on. Thankyou for telling me about them. Lynda x

  • This looks like my leg did in May last year,i have had antibiotics ,more antibiotics ,IV more antibiotics and still have it now almost 8 months later,getting very depressed with it all,going back to GP on Monday.

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