Stomach Cramps - upper Abdominal Pain

I have PsA, and Cancer. I'm on Enbrel 25mg, twice weekly, also currently on a descending dose of Pred. (10mg). I'm also taking 1000mg of Naproxen 500mg twice a day, for which I also take Omeprazole, to stopmany stomach problems.

Last week end I had a bout of diahrea and I started stomach cramps, these have lasted a week, and although I'm looser than normal, the diahrea has subsided, but the cramps remain.

I'm used to pain, but it is very uncomfortable, is it the naproxen? Or is there a bug going around. If I was well generally, I'd be able to tell, of course , but unfortunately with underlying problems it's difficult to tell, I'm sure you know hat I mean.

It's not the cancer as this is in the kidney and lymph nodes, and causes constipation and a slow bowel, rather than the opposite .

Sorry to be graphic, but your advice would be very welcome. apologies for any typos, fingers don't work well.

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  • Hi never taken the drug naproxen so unsure, however if it's a bug the cramps will last until the bug departs from the gut. I would contact your Gp or pharmacist for further advice.

  • Thanks for your kind reply.

  • Sorry you have such serious problems to contend with. I take Naproxen on an off - it has worked brilliantly for flare ups with me but after a few days I find myself becoming bloated and after a few more this gnawing upper abdominal pain starts up and I come off it. Naproxen is used a lot for people with RA because it's supposed to be the least hard on the tummy. But even though I take it with Ranitidine or with Omaprazole in the past it has still caused me GI problems, as do Ibuprofen, Diclofenac sbd Aspirin.

    Some just can't tolerate NSAIDs at all it seems - I can but only for short spells. I don't know about the loose BMs though - I don't have this - just pain and bloating and constipation. I'm seeing a surgeon about which tests to run on Thursday. Are you seeing a specialist regularly for your cancer? If so it might be worth asking just in case it is connected. Best of luck getting through all this.

  • Thanks, I think I'll leave the naproxen off for a week, although, I really do find that they help loads.

    And until recently I've been taking them every day for months with no problems.

  • In that case why don't you ask your GP or rheumy nurse if you have one? It would be a shame to stop something that works well unnecessarily? It always worked very well for me too but for some reason didn't touch the pain recently so I've been swapped and am waiting to see the surgeon before I risk taking any more NSAIDs/

  • I think i will speak to my Rheumy nurse, as it happens i'm seeing her tomorrow. definitely worth while as like you say it would be a shame to stop Naproxen on the basis of something different.Thanks

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