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Well been back to see consultant been home half hour what a waste of time found out I have an ulcer at back of kneecap some worn down meniscus and smthg with my acl but not gonna do anything about it he's refering ME to se a consultant at bri who does pain management and burns the ends of the nerves to kill the pain I'm sooooo fed up going back to see my gp tomoz 😿

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I suppose 'stuff happens' in joints affected by RD .... a whole range of stuff including, evidently, ulcers.

That just sounds horribly painful. Did the consultant give you any idea how it'll pan out? Is it expected to heal on its own or will you be taking antibiotics?

Perhaps not exactly a waste of time if you've been referred to the right people.

Meanwhile, hope you get some help / more info. from your GP.


Didn't tell me anything about it just said that I had a ulcer behind my kneecap never offered anything so I'm still up in the air about that x


I don't have ra I have ostoearthritis hun x


I have OA in knees secondary to PsA. It's not fun is it? Strengthening the so & sos helps, it really does.


I've heard of baker's cysts on knees, but I always thought ulcers started from the outside so you could see them?

Anyway I looked it up and did the consultant talk about "ulceration" of your cartilage rather than ulcers perhaps? As that seems to be used as a different way of saying damaged cartilage " A cartilage defect is a focal, isolated ulceration or tear of the articular cartilage. The rest of the knee joint cartilage should still be intact."

But possibly good news if it is that as with a programme of physiotherapy, exercise and pain relief you can get function back in damaged knees. I know that the OA I have in my knees is 20 times worse when I slip off my treatment wagon.


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