well I've just contacted my doctor and he's told me I'm getting put on Sulfasalazine! I'm just wondering if this has helped others ? Also he's given me tramadol for the pain so hopefully I'll soon see the benefits of the medication I know it takes up to 12 weeks for the Sulfasalazine to work or for me to feel the benefit but I'm just hoping they work and I can be relatively pain free which will be great 😊 A question do I get the booklet from the gp nurse for keeping a count of my blood tests ? Or is this given by the rheumatologist?

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  • Hi I'm on sulfasalazine and it has helped me greatly. I just need something for my brain lol.

  • Well Philip I know the feeling !!! Don't think they have anything for mine lol

  • It worked good and I had no problems on it. I haven't had a blood book yet! (4 yrs now) they just call me if any are wrong! X

  • Sulfasalazine worked well for me for a good while. Hopefully you will get some benefit. I just get a call too if issue with my bloods, didn't give me a book.

  • sulpha is one of the three DMARDS I take and it works for me. just watch out for the orange pee - can take you by surprise! When I was on tablet MTX I had a Methotrexate monitoring book that I got from the hospital, and the pharmacist asked to see it before giving me my next batch. NowI'm on injections I just have a normal blood test results booklet, which came from the hospital as that's where I have my blood tests done. But I know several people who just ask their GP for print outs of the results and just keep them instead as much more detailed.

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