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Hello everyone, happy new year to one & all. I'm new to this website so please bear with me. I have been self injecting with methotrexate until recently, my doctor has now put me on to sulfasalazine, I have also been taking Hydroxychloriquine, am a little confused as to whether I'm meant to continue to take the Hydroxychloroquine with the Sulfasalazine, can anyone help?

Many Thanks

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Always best to check with your doctors, but a lot of us take both so it's quite possible that's what the doctor intended. Do you get copies of the letter your consultant sends to your GP? That will make it clear.


I have an appointment with the hospital tmw so will check then, thank you for your prompt reply


In my experience, yes. Ask your rheumy or clinical nurse though.


Your gp should have a copy of the clinic letter telling them what drugs the Rheumy suggests. Also you can call your Rheumy hotline. Personally I take hydroxyquine and sulphasalasine and am about to start a biologic drug as well x

Good luck and hope this combination is brilliant for you x

Ps ask your Rheumy for copies of clinic letters to be sent to you , I find them very helpful x


Hi I came off MTX and currently on sulfasalazine and Hydroxychloroxine for the last 9 months, Working well together, .probably a quick call to the Rheumy nurse will clarify for you...


Hiya frithy08 & welcome. Happy New Year to you too. It's a shame being your first question but this isn't really something we can answer I'm afraid, it's something to ask your Rheumy. You see we're not medically qualified, neither do we know your history or the reason you've needed to stop MTX. Hazarding a guess I'd say you continue your hydroxychloroquine with your new DMARD, sulfasalazine but do check. Double therapy (2 DMARDs taken together) is pretty common, even triple therapy, I take methotrexate & leflunomide together & I have in the past taken HCQ/MTX & MTX/SSZ.

Even though it's not a very helpful reply I hope that doesn't put you off & you enjoy being here!


We aren't allowed to give medical advice, best to call your doctor. Ask him if the sulfa is an add on drug to your mtx & hydroxy.

I take 4 sulfasalazines & 1 hydroxychloroquine daily along with 20mg of mtx every friday


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