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Well that's me just started my Sulfasalazine I know I have to work my way to 4 a day over the 4 weeks is this normal? I'm also still taking naproxen my doctor just asked if I was still taking it and I forgot to ask if I should stop it , has anyone else been on both ? I'm just hoping I feel the benefit of my new meds but it says up to 12 weeks before you do,so fingers crossed as I've read on here it doesn't always agree with people ! 😊

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  • Hi I too am starting my sulfasalazine tomorrow after having it in a draw for months!! I was on methotrexate but had a rough time on it so was taken off it and told to start sulfasalazine but due to the bad time with mtx it put me off. In the past 3 weeks I have been really very poorly and rang the the nurse who luckily gave me a steroid jab and got my bloods done before I start. Well I got the results and tomorrow is D day!! I also take naproxen and omeprazole and I've been told to take them as usual but hopefully the sulfasalazine will kick in and then I can reduce the naproxen.

    If you search sulfasalazine on here there is a question I asked ages and had loads of very positive answers and really helped to put my mind at ease. Good luck!!

  • Thanks woodstar1 I'm on omerprozle as well , so hopefully it will be ok .

    good luck on starting yours tomorrow, we can let each other know how things are going 😊

  • Absolutely, and just to reassure you I have also got to build up the dose over a 4 week period concluding with me taking 2 tablets twice a day. Good luck to us both☺

  • Hello. I started Sulfasalazine mid Feb on what is known as a loading dose and have been taking the full dose of 2,000mg (sounds a lot doesn't it) i.e. two tablets in the morning and two in the evening since early March. This is the way it seems to be introduced normally and I have not had any side effects that I have noticed. Try to take them with food and keep a diary entry or notes on the callender to keep track of it all for future reference. I asked my specialist about whether to continue with naproxyn and as Woodstar has said I too was told that hopefully once the SSF kicks in, the naproxyn will not seem so important and indeed I have naturally just stopped taking them over the last few days.

    Am also on weekly 25mg Methotrexate and some days I fully expect to start glowing in the dark but okay so far!

    Good luck and God speed good results.

  • Hi sandrajb this what I've been told to do as well . Are you feeling the benefit from it yet ? 😊

  • Hi Liz, I am on my 2nd week of taking sulfasalazine, and im taking Naproxyn and the normal parecetamol too. I go for my 1st blood test today to check liver and blood cell count, but touch wood i haven't had any side affects from the sulfasalazine, so hopefully blood results come back ok, Fingers crossed for us.

    All the best.

  • Good luck with your blood tests today , hope all goes well .

  • Hi lizmac, i am also starting back on sulfasalizine low dose 2 a day then building up. I am on monthly infusion tocsiluzmab soon starting weekly injections but i seem to keep having flares so nurse thought it might help. I was on it before but my white blood count dropped so was taken off them. Goodluck to you & everyone who is going through the same xx Alison

  • Hi. I was diagnosed in January and like you built up the ssz to 4 over 4 weeks. Also continued to take Naproxen and 5mg steroid tablet. After 6 weeks I really did begin to notice a difference. Less pain and swelling in my hands but unfortunately I reacted to them with sun sensitivity and had to stop using them. Would have liked to have continued with the ssz as no other side effects. Am going back to the hospital today for some new meds which I think will be mtx. Not looking forward to this as I have read that so many people struggle with nausea but will give it a go. Good luck with the ssz. Hope that it works for you x

  • Hi good luck with starting your new meds tinat3 i hope they work for you .I see a few people are on a steroid but I haven't been given them ? I go back tthe rheumatologist on the 8th of next month so ill see how things are going then x

  • I am on Sulfasalazine 3x500mg and Naproxen 500mg twice a day, Hydroxychloroquinine 200mg and Omeprazole once a day for 1 year and so far no liver problem or nausea. 6 weeks from start blood showed it was working, 12 weeks and blood showed as OK. swelling and inflammation gone. Trouble was I was no better and it turned out the RA had got at my spine and I had stenosis. Had a cervical laminectomy with screws 15 weeks ago on 4 1/2 vertebrae and told 12~18 months before improvement. Side effects vary so meds that suit you may not work for someone else and visa versa.

    Do take them, the pain and damage from RA is hard to recover from.

  • Hello again. I think they are doing some good as usually in the evening pain and swelling comes up and stays around building up - but after a good night rest all that usually has gone in the morning recently. However am on the tail end of what the specialist said must be my last steroid injection so this overnight 'recovery' may be the lingering effects of that. Have been on 6 weeks of SSZ (3 weeks at full dose) however and as said have been feeling that naproxyn is not needed. All in all I feel there is a subtle change for the good, maybe feel less weak too and certainly no down side about it.

    Interestingly I was on a longish coach trip last friday with the sun coming through the window. That evening I was very flushed and looked as though had sun burn so am wondering whether that is the sun sensitivity Tinat3 is referring to. Oh dear maybe that is something to watch out for. Best wishes.

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