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MTX Saturdays

I take my mtx on Friday, so Saturdays (and sometimes Sundays) I am tired and queasy and prone to headaches. I've decided that if I'm going to take Saturdays off, I'm ruddy well going to do it in style. I'll do a little baking next week (or possibly rope a husband into doing it) and make something lovely for lunch. I'm going to take as many long soaks in the tub as I like, read fluffy novels, drink my favourite teas, and generally turn this into a day I enjoy as much as is possible. I want to change my dread into acceptance, although that might take a little doing. I think I'll start with a lavender and ylang-ylang soak.


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My Mondays are like that. I refuse to lose my weekends to it. I hate the side effects we have. Good on you for turning it around x


Well done you for trying to turn a negative into a positive. :)


What a great mental attitude. Hope your hubby helps you out with your plans and supports you through this.


Rope 'a' husband into doing it? How many have you got?

Your plans for how to spend Saturdays and possibly Sundays sound so nice, I think I might ask to go back on Mtx!

(And I think you should get all your husbands to do the baking)


Lovely idea, I'm restarting next Wednesday, so rest day Thursday coming up. Maybe make that coffee day xx


What a lovely idea. I really like your positive attitude. I dread my injection day too, for similar reasons but will try to take a leaf out of your book. Take care.


Hi bat

I like your style! I too love my tea, long soaks and ylang ylang is my go to essential oil to drop in my tub. Have you thought about changing your injection day? I do that sometimes when I am away and don't want to take mtx with me. You could inject on wed next week and hopefully have good weekends every week?

I've been on mtx for nearly 20 years and the only side effects I get is the odd mouth ulcer and a stuffy nose the day after my injection so my fingers are crossed for you. Let's hope it kicks in very soon AND the side effects diminish!

Lots love

KiKi x


Now, that's making the best of a bad job!! (as my mother used to say!) With that attitude you will make Fridays a day to look forward to ... knowing that "your" Saturday will follow!!


Thank you all for the kind responses :) I take my dose on Friday because my week is usually full of appointments, but the rheumy said I could move it a few days in either direction any time I like. I will indeed rope ALL my husbands (you've heard of a harem, yes? I keep a hisem.) into baking *wicked grin*


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