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thanks to allanah and hatshepsut for your replies. allanah are you on Humira? I am going to have my next weeks injection and see how that goes. The nausea etc hasn't been quite so bad today but definately seems to get worse a while after I have eaten. I just hope that if it is side effects they will gradually go. I started Enbrel after Christmas and didn't have stomach problems and it seemed to be helping ,but then I developed a rash on my neck and chest which I was told was an allergic reaction so I had to stop it. Worried that if I don't get on with enbrel there isn't much left to try. I hope they sort things out for you hat, that's a long time to be getting those symptoms. Allanah how are things going for you, you've had a really tough time haven't you? Take care Maywing xx

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oops I meant if I don't get on with humira there won't be much else to try. Maywing


There's still loads! Ritixumab etc etc . My doc said not to lose heart ! he will keep pushing for whatever I need x


I was on Humira but it lost it's efficacy after a while but I did feel less tired, less sore and less pained when I was on it! I felt find tho after the first few. I also had Enbrel and the same thing happened just stoped working after great initial effect.

I'm now on Abatacept which is an infusion, quick infusion and the first few months again it seemed to be doing me the world of good but again it's wearing off so Rheumy put me on steroids again!! And again they r wonder drugs for me. I am feeling loads better in mood now and I hope you will be soon xxxxx


Thanks for your concern, maywing. I have a review at the end of March, unfortunately it looks as if humira may not be for me, my esr is rising, joints are getting worse, as is my mobility. If no improvement by then I will have to change to yet another biologic, my 4th.

I do hope that your side effects die away , and that humira works for you.I know how dispiriting it can be when it doesn't work out as you hoped, but this may be a short blip. If it doesn't work out, don't lose hope, as Allanah says, there are still other possibilities.

At least nowadays we have options that even ten years ago weren't available.

Fingers crossed for you! M x

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That's so true Hatshepsut! Things are developing all the time in the RA world and to think my great gran was in bed disabled and took an aspirin, they were the brave folks x


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