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I have had RA for 9 years and been on several treatments that have not lasted long. I have now been put on Humira does anyone that takes this know of the common side effects and how long did it take to kick in? I have had 2 doses (last one yesterday). I have been on methotrexate, enbrel, and rhituximab before. Thank you

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Syouatt. Humira has one very important side-effect. It knocks out an important part of your immune system leaving you susceptible to certain infections. Surely your rheumatology team has told you this? You should not eat anything unwashed eg salads/fruit. Do not eat anything with in-pasteurised eggs or cheese. Therefore No Stilton or other blue cheeses. No undercooked meat like rare steaks and so on. Carry an antiseptic hand gel if you go in public places. You pick up colds and flu from door handles, keyboards and other surfaces commonly touched. Hope this helps? This warning was the first thing my nurses told me.

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Mine didn't tell me any of that!

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Mine neither!

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Hi thank you I was told about my immune system, I work in a primary school so hand gel is a must. I didnt know about the cheese or rare steaks. Thank you

I have been on Humira for about 4 years now. It kicked in after about 2 months and I didn't have a single side effect. If you've been on the other autoimmune drugs then the main question is will the Humira work? It works differently to other 2 anti-TNF's so hopefully it will work for you. My daughter has been on those 2 and Enbrel works for her; but presumably it didn't work for you. I am not on any DMARD alongside it, as it is one of the drugs where you don't need to be on one.

I started Humira 3 months ago and it has taken the whole 3 months to see any real response. I'm also taking MTX 12.5/week. It was like one day I woke up and realized "hey my hands and feet don't hurt me". The one thing that hasn't gone completely is the terrible fatigue. Usually the day after I have my shot I'm more tired. I also can feel some palpitations a couple of days afterward but then they go away. I have also noticed a drippy nose and a few more migraines. Considering I had zero side effects from the MTX I feel blessed so far. Hope it continues to work for me and I hope it starts working for you!

Was on enbrel and changed to humira - worked great for me - after about 6 weeks I noticed I felt on top of the world, and had a much improved energy level and capacity to go things and lots of my pain had gone. Have been on it for a few years now - and think it is not doing me so much good anymore, but it was transformational for me so hoping it will work well for you.

I started Humira in June and I have had no side effects. It only started working recently and that has been very gradual. I have read that in some people it works instantaneously and in others it takes 9 months. Good luck xXx

Jacey, you might not have had any obvious side effects but the effects on your immune system are there. That is how it treats RA. Ask your rheumatologist about this. Some infections eg from blue chees could be life-threatening: Listeriosis being one.

I'm about to start Humira along with a lower dose of Mtx. I was told about the increased risk of infection and hand hygiene etc. Nothing was said about Stilton though..thats a blow with Xmas approaching! 😯

Soulman, Sorry but the risk is real so no blue cheeses etc.

No blue cheese!? Even salad dressings? Nobody told me this. I just had my first shot about two weeks ago and will be getting my second one Wednesday. I have to say I felt better by the third day after the shot, some pain was considerably lessened in my knees. Still scared of those side effects though. I am also on Leflunomide(Arava) and prednisone. My Rheumy wants to get me off the prednisone if possible as soon as things stabilize. In order to keep infections from entering my home, especially since my husband's job means contact with many people daily, I have a hospital grade hand sanitizer hanging by my front door-everyone who enters has to use it. And I carry bottles in my purse and car.

Most blue cheese dressings are pasteurised (unless home made) I am on Humira (3 years) and have had only one episode you might consider to be food poisoning and I eat loads of seafood, eggs and unpasteurised cheese. I'm not discounting what the poster has said but just adding my experience

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