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hi just spoken to my general manager about my deputy manager and the way she spoke to me in an intimidating way last saying she thinks it would be better for me to go on lates and work until finish, even though I had said to her I did not want to do that. The good news is my boss listened to me and I think was shocked as to what she had said to me. He said he is happy with my work and I DO NOT have to change my shift hours and he will speak to her about what she has said to me! I feel brilliant now, I am hanging off sending a letter into the HR to see what the boss says and she how she is with me in a few weeks..

just want to thank all of you for your support when I needed it you all were here!

hope you all have a good day today. x

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Pleased to hear this Carol. It's good that your GM acknowledges that your DM's actions are unacceptable. I don't want to sound negative especially as you sound so relieved but I'd still make any notes though if she acts inappropriately or singles you out.... date, time &, if possible, witnesses. Do make sure though that if you name anyone who witnesses her actions that they're ok with it. ;)


So pleased for you. Hope this is the end of your problems!

However, I would follow nmh s' advice, just in case! M x


thanks guys, am still writing the letter, but not sending it yet, to see what happens, I know what you mean, will see how she is with me.

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Well done Carol, it's great when you get the support you need, and how good you did find the courage to discuss this fully with your boss. I hope the deputy now backs off!


Oh but do keep a diary of any comments, times, witnesses etc, just in case. Mine came in very handy when I was being bullied at work.


Good for you Carol

Well done!


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