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RD Linked illnesses

Morning folks

Saw my Rheumatoid cons yesterday and they asked me to take part in a study about RD being linked too and piggy backing other illnesses. In addition to RD I have confirmed Graves disease and after a blood test yesterday I am bordeline diabetic. I am more than happy to take part in any studies to help limit or eradicate this awful disease, but didnt know about the other linked illnesses. My question to you all is - has anyone else got this trilogy of illnesses? The explanation I got was RD is an auto immune disease and these are linked to the same 'system'. Looking forward to all your advice xx

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Hi Franm,

I was diagnosed with RA in September 2014 so I too now have a trilogy of illnesses, type 1 diabetes (11 years) and MS (4 years).

I have always been a very positive person and this will not beat me!!

I also have an amazing family who I would be lost without. xx


Well I seem to have got lots of piggy backing - none of it yet properly identified apart from Hashimoto's, RD and idiopathic small fiber neuropathy with a touch of Sjogrens and Raynauds as secondaries. All are mild versions so far but they certainly know how to get me down if I let them! Good luck with being part of this very interesting study.

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Not those, but I also have Sjogren's Syndrome and Rheumatoid Vasculitis. Plus many other unrelated diseases. RA diagnosed 1987, Sjogren's a couple of years later, Vasculitis october 2014. Other non related diseases are: Bronchiectasis with pseudomonas, Osteopenia, high blood pressure, neuropathy. And I've also been treated for Breast cancer.


Lol Yeah, like buses they seem to come along together!!


I've known a lot of folk who "collect" autoimmune conditions. I have coeliac, ankylosing spondylitis and sicca syndrome (secondary sjogrens). My mum has RA and lupus and sjogrens. Her sister has crohns and inflammatory arthritis. Just about every adult in my extended family has one or more autoimmune conditions, but the good news is that in our family cancer is extremely rare. I guess with autoimmune systems playing up, in our family at least our bodies don't have time to make cancerous cells.


Hi Fran,

It should be an interesting study and you will have to let us know the results if they eventually give them to you (I know these things can take years tho). Lots of us here have several auto immune things, I have 5 and I will know next week if there is a 6th.

Just a friendly hint :) ... Its easy to confuse, but type 1 diabetes is an auto immune disease however type 2 isn't so if you are only having borderline sugar readings you are probably pre-diabetic or type 2 - I don't think type 1 are ever borderline. Do you take steroids because that can rise your sugar levels?


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