RA or RD???

I thought you might be interested I had a consultation with my rheumatologist yesterday he never once used the term RA and used RD in full of course the whole time I took special note as we have been having a debate on our little community on here

he even went as far to explain how RD effects my body. My hubby says he has always uses RD and Not RA the consultant I mean not my hubby!

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  • That's brill. If it's being used in the profession it can only be a good thing in getting it out there. Hopefully the more it's used the more will use it. Particularly helpful for those newly diagnosed who will only know it as RD. I know some who've lived with the disease for some time are finding it difficult as their default setting is RA but we'll get there. :)

  • Hi I recently saw a connective tissue disease rheumatology professor for a second opinion. He also used the term "rheumatoid" and "rheumatic disease" in both the consultation and his letter about me - never specifying RA but clearly meaning this. Also I've just been asked for a press release about something I'm doing soon as a patient and I put some information about NRAS and RD describing it as just this while also saying that I mean RA so people don't get confused and think it's a different disease. My GP's just refer to it as "your rheumatoid disease" always and if it's in my joints then they say "your rheumatic arthropathy". From this I've deduced that some doctors also struggle with this term, RA, too?

    I also met someone yesterday who's daughter was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis but it has only ever affected her eyes to date rather than her joints apart from one brief episode of joint swelling and pain when she was 12. Her mum explained to me that she never refers to it as a form of arthritis because she's only 20 and it is too hard to explain every time. She has a terrible time with her eyes - has had several operations to date including a cataract one and also struggles with her circulation. So whenever I forget or my resolve weakens I will think of this poor young lass and her eyes.

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  • If RD becomes the accepted term for all of us, patients and consultants alike, will NRAS have to change its name?

  • we had this discussion before..... i can't remember why they said they wouldn't just that they won't......

  • The cynic in me now starts wondering if this is a way of getting around NHS targets - RA clearly has some quite defined targets to meet for referral to first assessment and assessment to treatment. Call it RD and you no longer have to meet those targets. Its the same with AS - no targets, so you can wait as long as they feel like making you wait.

  • I don't think that is the case lol

  • this is great to hear that people are starting to move forward with the termanology. i have been referring to my disease as RD for a long time now. its encouraging to hear about the pro's doing the same.

    this all stemed from 'uneducated' peoples attitude to Rheumatiod Arthritis. i was dismissed as having the same thing as their granny.......i don't in any way want to mimimise arthritis sufferes illness but i don't have that.......i have an auto immune disease called Rheumatiod Disease. this is very heartening....

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