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I was just reading about possible gum disease could be the cause of some RD sufferers. I am wondering if NRAS have any info. At first I ridiculed it until I thought back over my dental treatment. I have always cleaned my teeth several times a day but for past 30 years I have had to go to dentist for scale and polish every three months because of bleeding gums. My RD started 28 years ago and during that time I have lost four teeth to deep socket infections, now my front tooth is going the same way. I understand some research has been done in America released this week about a mouth bug that could cause RD. I think it's too late for me now but we really need to find out why our immune systems behave this way.

Could NRAS give us any info into this research.



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  • arthritis.org/living-with-a...

    This article gives you most of the current thinking about the connection between the two. But it's not clear whether being susceptible to one makes you susceptible to the other or if there is a common link not yet discovered like an infection trigger.

  • Hi there, yes there is thought to be a link between gum disease and RA and our article explains this , here is the link: nras.org.uk/gum-disease .

  • Thank you Alison

    Regards Sharon

  • Yes it was helpful thank you Helen it appears there has been further research which has been released today stating that following research they do believe there is a link for some people.


  • Sorry that should have said Alison nothing to do with my RD just can't remember a thing it's age lol.

  • I suspect (and 'suspect' is the best I can do) that my gum disease is linked to my PsA but may be caused BY PsA rather than the other way round. I was told I'd lose all my teeth and that severe periodontal disease doesn't get better. However almost as soon as the DMARDs kicked in my gum disease improved immeasurably. I have some loss of jaw bone but my dentist thinks my gums are lovely. In fact he said that whatever is going on with the rest of my body I'll be a nice toothy corpse when the time comes. Charming! I think there is research that suggests a link between inflammatory arthritis and gum disease but the connection isn't well understood.

  • Sorry for my completely random post but I just have to say you have the most awesome profile name ever!


  • I am usually very particular about my gum hygiene as I have a heart murmur and infection gets in the bloodstream via gums but these past 8-9 days I've been wearing a splint on my left index finger due to a snapped tendon and I've found it tricky wielding my toothbrush and tooth picks so well (I'm left handed) and low-and-behold yesterday I started my first RA flare since March. My flares seem to come on quick and burn out quick - at about 12pm yesterday my right hand & wrist hurt if I opened my hand. By 3:30pm I didn't need to move my hand to be in screaming pain. I threw 3 ibuprofen at it. Drove home and then threw 2X500mg naproxen plus 20mg of MTX (luckily it was my MTX day - phew!) plus 1 co-codamol (8/500) and went to bed. Woke up with the screaming pain subsided to pain on movement again and full movement back in my hand. Saw my GP this morning who has given me 3 days worth of prednisone (6X5mg a day) to add to the battle field armoury- I am confident that this flare will soon be driven back into touch (not least of all because today was the last day of term - I went into work after GP visit and school are viewing this morning as medical absence not sick leave 🙂And on Sunday it's to sunny Spain for me and my loved one in an adult only spa hotel for a week 😎).

    Also it's definitely back to diligent oral care for me regardless of the finger splint - I'll just have to put on some inspirational music and treat it as a unique gym exercise 🤗

    Have a fab xmas everyone


  • How interesting! You learn something everyday!

    I had perfect teeth until four years ago, which was when my joints started playing up. However, I was also taking other meds for another disorder. These particular drugs are known for being bad for teeth. So who knows?

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