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Healthcare at Home dumped - hurrah!

Having had major problem with Healthcare at Home delivering my Enbrel over the last year I was informed by my consultant last November that my health authority (Sheffield) were so fed up with the poor service being provided by H@H they were looking for an alternative delivery service. I had a phone call from my rheumy nurse yesterday to say they are giving the contract to Boots and the switch-over should happen in about 4 weeks (I am due a delivery today so I hope that goes OK). I am slightly wary of Boots as they have made such a hash of collecting my prescription I had to cancel that service but fingers crossed they will make a good fist of this new service. The cost to H@H of losing these type of contracts will be massive so hopefully it will give them a fright and they will sort out the contracts they still have.

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Well good on your area for taking a stand. There have been so many problems with healthcare I'm not really surprised they are losing grit contracts . I hope Boots are better service x

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I live in Sheffield and haven't had any notice of this. Expecting a delivery from H@H soon so hope it all goes OK. Actually I have never had trouble with them so a bit worried about the changeover.



Hi Jo, how strange. Do you deal directly with the Hallamshire or through your G.P.? Mine is with the Hallamshire who took all their H@H patients in house so if you get your meds from a different source you may not be affected. I've had two from the Hallamshire and it has gone very smoothly.



I get my meds through the Hallamshire (they send a script to H@H). I had a call from H@H 2 weeks ago re my delivery so I must still be getting my anti-TNF from them. Perhaps it depends what anti-TNF you use. I know H@H had trouble with Enbrel. I am on Cimzia.


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