Everything's coming up roses ...... maybe

Hi All,

well what a difference a week makes! Just after my last moaning post about the bumped op and the offer of a new date that would bu**er up my birthday I got a call from the hospital offering me a cancellation for last Thursday. Then on Tuesday I got a call offering me an interview. Daft people believed the tosh I put on my cv and were keen to see me so fitted me in on Wednesday when they learnt I'd be out of action the rest of the week. No idea how the interview went from their perspective but fingers crossed. Got home from interview to two emails asking me to call about other jobs I'd applied for. So now have another interview next Thursday and a meeting on Monday with an agency that's found me some medical typing work at the local community hospital to take me through to the end of March. Just started counting chickens when I got an email from another agency that think I might be suitable for a job with a firm of solicitors! So I've gone from feeling very sorry for myself with no op and no prospects to being post-op with one interview under my belt, another next week, temporary work and the possibility of another job. I know I might get to the end of March and be back out of work but it's great to feel positive for a little while. Busy remembering not to think about mean rheumy for the time being xx

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  • Well done! So glad to hear your good news. Here's hoping you go from strength to strength!!! M x

  • That's lovely news , so pleased for you x

  • What good news for you

  • Great news for you...it's lovely to hear when there's a little light shining...

  • Hey hey you clever little thing! Hope all goes well xx

  • Life problems can change from negative to positive so quickly

    All the very best for all positive changes


  • Wow well done you. Nice to read such a positive post.

  • Good on you, wishing you all the best.

  • Aww well done xx

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