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Mindfulness meditation


Just an update now I am 4 weeks into the initial 8 week programme. My pain is more than half of what it was before. I haven't taken Tramadol for 2 weeks and am managing on Naproxen and paracetamol ( half the dose I was taking) . I have not had a bout of weeping despair for 2 weeks.

This may all be coincidence or my treatment with the chiropractor finally working or the sinking vertebrae have sunk as far as they are going to this time round. Lots of ponderables but for me I'm measurably happier and more positive. I'll update in another couple of weeks .

Oh, my daughter, who has Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, has noticed many positive changes in her condition. She has been doing the programme for 3 weeks now .

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Thanks for that timely reminder Deejames of why I took up mindfulness meditation/practice in the first place.... It has certainly been one of my main support pillars since being diagnosed with RA.

Thanks again :)

All the best


I was given a similar meditation programme - ten mins every day. I think it helps you relax and cope with things you never thought you'd never be able to. And have more clarity in your thoughts. Its good this is helping us.


I'm so pleased you feel MM has helped you. This is the only option left to my h after failing on all of his pain relief & facet joint injections either through being intolerant or them just not working. It's had to be put on the back burner just now until he recovers from an op & given the all clear to start but it gives me hope for him when he does. One thing though, as you say it could be coincidence as you're having chiropractic manipulation though I do hope not for you. You're daughter too, that is good news & maybe more reliable assuming she's no other intervention. Thank you for posting this. :)

I'm uncertain why you hope the chiropractor is not for me nomoreheels. She works on tightened muscles and gives me acupuncture as well as a programme of stretches and stregthening . I was having all this before tbeginning Mindfulness but with limited results. She fully endorses Mindfulness / hypnotherapy etc.

There are no other interventions for Chronic Fatigue except pacing and rest. Hard when your hours have been reduced and the family income likewise. She seems to have some hope now. As do I . Understanding how the body reacts to and processes chronic pain seems fundamental in helping to take a proactive role in managing that pain

No, you misunderstand (or I probably didn't make myself clear more like!), exactly the opposite I hope it does! I meant I hope it's not just coincidence that you think it's working as you are under the chiropractor as well, that could be making the difference. You said yourself it could be coincidence & as you are having 2 different therapies it's difficult to determine which is doing the more good rather than, say, if you had just been doing MM & not having manipulation you'd know definitively it is the MM. I believe in chiropractic, it's done my h the world of good in the past. In fact he's one who doesn't take to his bed but years ago the day before a dinner dance he was in bed & in agony unable to unfurl his arms from being crossed in front of his chest. I spoke to the person who had invited us apologising for pulling out & she told me to get him to her fathers chiropractor & so I did & you would not believe the difference after only one very mild session being the first, he even danced with me! Absolutely incredible. He went regularly for years before we left to live abroad. I hope you understand now I'm not questioning the benefit, quite the opposite!

Hi, I'm glad M&M is working for you, I don't think people always

realise how tense our body and mind are when we are in pain.

I think it should be talked about more as it really does help not

only with pain, but life in general. Hope you continue to benefit

One of the best gifts my husband gave me was to read Full Catastrophe Living. I fully expect that Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction could be beneficial for all of us. Honestly - even for people who don't have RA or any other autoimmune disease. Life is so hectic and stressful, we have so many pushes and pulls on us, it really is a gift to take some time out of our day for mindful meditation. I haven't kept this up as I should, but I do think it is important to dedicate some time each day to caring for yourself, in whatever way that is. Gentle hugs!

What is mindful meditation this sounds good x

Mindfulness a system of learning to live with and manage chronic pain. The guide I used is called Mindfulness for Health and it comes in a book with a CD . its also available as a download. There are lots of ways to access Mindfulness programmes. I'd be wary of those that give an initial free two meditations and then want monthly payments. It is also available all over the country as a group learning process. I'm working happily with the book as I'm well motivated and quite driven person !

As I see it it works by helping someone learn to understand how pain works ( and feeds on itself in a way) in the body and importantly in the mind and emotions. There ISNA lot of scientific research to back up the theories. It made a huge amount of sense to me recognising the patterns my mind has developed !

Then through guided meditations the programme helps you to use your mind to control the sensations of pain. These are not the ' crossed leg , humming 'type of meditation by the way.

The meditations are short , 10 mins a couple of times a day minimum plus some diary keeping and other stuff. Far less time anyway than I had previously spent weeping, bewailing my fate, stressing etc.

My pain is much much more controllable. My whole feeling about my condition is better. I'm not cured but now I've stopped living in a little worst case scenario world I am enjoying life more.

I know this is a long reply but do some online research

Of course there are set backs. I felt so much better yesterday that I overdid my limits. I've got a good bit more pain than recently but I'm positive about it. I didn't rush to throw every painkiller I had at the beast . now I'm off to do my morning meditation.

Good luck to you. I hope you try it or something along the self hypnotherapy lines.

So glad mindfulness meditation is working for others too. I swear by it!

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