Cursed myself

Cursed myself

I have spent the last two days visiting Drs to try and sort out what is going on as I felt like I was having a heart attack. Looks like I have flared up the costochronditis grrrrrr Had an interesting chat to the registrar who told me that my Rheumy is looking at putting me on biologics. Glad that this isn't Christmas eve that would really have sucked.

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  • Oh no obviously feeling that for you as I'm having rubbish time with it. Sending warm thoughts and hope you get the drugs ASAP xx

  • Hahah yes I couldn't believe it. I felt so awful all last week and then by Saturday afternoon I thought I was having heart issues and then Sunday the left side of my face went numb along with the chest pain and today after lots of tests they have decided it is costo. Damn it. All I can do is up the prednisone to 10mg and take pain relief. How are you going? Have you been able to feel any better yet?

  • Getting there sweetie, the last steroid drip seems to have kicked it into touch and have my abatacept tomorrow so feign bit better now! Hope yours settles quickly xx

  • Glad to hear that. It is an evil thing and sooo painful.

  • With you on that lol xx

  • I can see the next 4 days being very very hard at work.

  • Lol love the picture. Think we all feel like that at times. Hope you feel better soon x

  • Thanks Orchidcass, Exactly how I feel, but big girls don't cry. I have to go back to work tomorrow that will be interesting.

  • Omg I don't know how you manage. I wasn't in work when I developed ra but I know for a fact there's no way possible I could work like this. It seems s full time job just taking care of my basic needs x

  • I have no choice if I don't work I cannot live ,so I struggle on. I know it will get to the point I cannot do it anymore but I have to go while I am still getting out of bed each morning. It is getting harder and harder the more adverse reactions I have and the more I get things like this recurring. This will be a challenge until I feel better, at least I have 10 days off over Christmas to look forward to. I may just spend most of them in bed!!!

  • Oh no, what else can happen? Hopefully they'll fast track the biologics process for you if that's possible. Could your Rheumy not arrange for you to have a steroid injection or does he prefer you to increase it orally? I hope you turn the corner soon. x

  • Nothing else I am hoping hahahah I don't see him until March so I will just have to wait. I have been told to go back up to 10mg pred. They tend not to like steroid injections over here for some reason.

  • I'll keep my fingers crossed the increase in pred works for you then. :)

  • me too as it is so close to Christmas now, there won't be much medical assistance around.

  • Try to stay positive lovely. I know you go your best to stay upbeat but do try to think the increase WILL work. x

  • I will. I only have to get through til COB next Wednesday 24th and then I have 10 days off. I am hanging out till then.

  • What is it you do? Could you finish a little earlier perhaps or is that not feasible?

  • I work in the government and I will be the only one not on leave in my section at the end of this week so I have to go in. I will get through it I have felt worse and gone to work. hahahah

  • That's just so typical of you, stay bright & don't be too brave! What a bummer though that you'll be on your own, aww, not nice. :(

  • Hahaha if I didn't I would fall in a heap. If I give in that will be the end of me.

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