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Finger Ulcers - anyone please??

I go back to rheumy 31 Dec, went doctors yesterday coz im sooooo stiff and ache like hell. Got morphine patches, codine, and increase in steroids now on 15mg did get them down to 10mg but up again.

Also got ulcers on elbow and knuckle joint on finger - my rheumy nurse is confused as to why, has anyone else had finger ulcers?

Ive asked my rheumy nurse for steroid jab and she is going to ask - I cannot face xmas coming and continue like this, I really feel like giving up at the mo...... Had no response to Humira after 16 weeks, cant take any DMARD and cant continue like this.

GP wants me back next Monday to see how I am, this is my 3rd year now of RA, just got over water infection, oral thrush and now got sinus and throat infection along with these very sore ulcers and of course general RA pains :( I cant keep on going ..............................

Have had enough, any advice or motivation sent my way will help coz ive used up all mine xx

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Hi beckybooboo,

sorry you are feeling so poorly at the moment. Please feel free to call the helpline and have a talk if you would like:

0800 298 7650 Monday - Friday 9.30am - 4.30pm

Best wishes

Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


Oh beckybooboo, it sounds as though you're in a bad way. Please do ring the NRAS helpline as Beverley has suggested, it really does sound as though you need to talk with someone. Puts my grumbles into perspective, but that's usually the way when I'm otherwise controlled & have a blip I forget how feeling at the end of your tether is until someone reminds you things aren't that bad. You're obviously very run down & everything's taken the opportunity to have a go at you so do hope your Rheumy will listen to your nurse & recommend he sees you.

I found this, it might help you have a read, see if anything is similar to your fingers?

I hope you're able to have a steroid injection & you feel relief from it so you can at least have a pain free Christmas. I don't know anything about biologics except for what I've read on the site but do hope someone with experience can help you.

Take care & remember we're here.


Hi Beckybooboo I have had RA for 40+ years and for the last 9 years have been on Methotrexate and Ifliximab every 6 weeks which I am pleased to say is extremely beneficial for me. However, I am particularly prone to infections because my resistance is extremely low and I have experienced in the last couple of years a number of warts that have appeared on my fingers around the nail line. I have had many treatments with liquid nitrogen from a Cryogenic Nurse but with little good result.

Have you seen your rheumy nurse or GP as I would suggest you need to understand why you are getting these ulcers? I sincerely wish you a speedy recovery from this added stress.


((hugs)) beckybooboo, maybe ask to see you Rheumy, in my experience GP's sometimes do not know a lot about RA, mine misdiagnosed me for over three years. A Rheumy can rule in or out whether the ulcers are connected to your RA or your medications. Once that is figured out, your treatment can go from there.


I have gotten ulcers on my fingertips because of raynauds. Do you have poor circulation in your fingers? Have you been diagnosed with raynauds? My ulcers start out as very tender, stinging red bumps and then turn into little ulcerated pits. I take a low dose of amlodopine to control it in the winter.


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