Trigger finger

Im fed up of trying to tell the docs and rheumy that I believe I have trigger finger

Every morning my fing finger on my left hand is bent over and stuck. Its even stuck as I type as ive not plucked up the currage to un clur it as it really hurts to do so

Other fingers also do it middle fingers and ring finger on right hand

All docs keep saying is im too young for it. But hello im experiencing it

Ive taken photos of my triggered fingers and will show again next time. Any ideas what I can do

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  • i bought some finger supports from ebay..only a couple of pound ..they are great i wear them every night and they stop my fingers from sticking..saves a lot of pain

  • i get this on my left middle finger no one has seen it when it happens but gp gave some gel called tiloket its really good when it happensrub on to back of hand and fingerand about an hour swelling andfinger straightens maybe ask for some its sary really


  • Hello there

    I had a similar problem and battled to get it acknowledged. So every time I awoke with, I requested a same day appointment in the morning, and deliberately tried to keep it in the same position. A bit naughty but it worked, eventually my GP wrote to my Consultant. Doing that felt as if I was almost abusing the system. But it worked. I really was at a loss as to what I should do. Keep the pressure on, sadly all too often we are pushed to doing that.

    Good luck!

  • Sometimes it's necessary to get somewhere though never done it myself of course lol! You don't mention what was done Footdoc, care to share please!?

  • Initially I had a low dose of steroids for three months, when that did not work it was a guided steroid injection into the tendon sheath of my middle finger, then it was almost pulled out and then it was directed back the other way into the tendon sheaths in my palm. Not very nice but very effective. It has been four years now. It triggered once but was very easy to unlock, just not a pleasant sensation. I also have night splints which I use when having a bad time. They are currently in use, more preventative than anything else.

  • Thanks for that. Will see what happens at my Rheumy appointment & see if she thinks it is trigger finger but forewarned is forearmed. Meanwhile may look into some kind of support like kizzy mentioned. It just seems odd to me that it's only in the hand where I had carpal tunnel release though that may be purely coincidental.

  • I have this problem most mornings on waking & mentioned it when seeing my GP for something else as I wasn't due my Rheumy appointment. Typically it had straightened by then but was still a nadging pain. He had a look but didn't think it was trigger finger & explained that it's the tendon sheath that tightens blah blah & prodded but couldn't tell me what it could be when I asked! I'm not convinced it's not & intend bringing it up at next months appointment as it's more a nuisance than anything else & want answers as what it is if indeed my GP was correct.

  • Hi, I have trigger finger, very painful. To unstick mine I massage all around where its bent. Keep it warm and it will unstick. I'd change docs if you can as they should be supporting you. Try and sleep with your hands straight. I find that helps xx

  • Ive ordered some finget supports so csn sleep in them to hopefully keep me fingers straight.

  • I have had this, it was called stenosing tenosynovitis, a steroid injection into the joint put it right. A year later I got it in the other thumb, same treatment, same result.

  • I was told by my rheumy that trigger fingers have nothing to do with RA but I keep hearing that a lot of RAer's have this.

    Unlike Moifois results, I also had steroid injections but they didnt work, it still triggers in most fingers and strangely enough, also at my wrist. On ultrasound it showed that I have nodules and thickening of quite a few of the tendons which is why they get stuck as they glide through the sheaths in the palm just below the MCP joint. The pointer finger has some dupytrens contracture too. To get my fingers right again, I use my other hand to unstick the finger/s that are stuck then massage the area thats triggering in order to try to stop it from doing it again. It can be really sore and annoying.

  • My ring and little finger are bent over all the time if I don't wear a splint. It's got so bad I have asked for an amputation of the two fingers, I find out this week if it's possible.:-(

  • I get this on my right middle finger. Very frustrating and painful sometimes. Lately my finger straigtens on a night and is locked straight when I wake up, unable to bend it. The palm/base of my finger is also swollen and painful. During the day, I can force it to bend, but it locks. This is also affectecting my other fingers now, as I have swelling. I have had three lots of cortisone injections, (the last time they did the middle joint and base joint - ouch!)

    Am I over reacting to go back? Worried they will want to operated. Can't write when I get up. Worried it will get worse. I am a teaching assistant and need to scribe for children, I also love my craft / artwork.

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