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Freezing cold legs/feet from knee downwards

I had a spinal cord stork in Jan 2012, level of injury T5. I'm constantly at the doctors for other things and have also mentioned about my legs feet ( they have just said it's down to my type of injury) .. but I'm worried it's being overlooked as my legs are so cold they are painful and thick socks thermal trousers dont help at all.. just wondering if anyone knows things that cold help as it's effecting the little bit of mobility I do have. I do physio already on my legs and have tried hot water bottles thanks in advance :)

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I also forgot to mention I am also taking Gabaphentin already :)


Hi Natalie Jane

How awful for you. I've just been online and read a bit about spinal cord strokes and it does say that they can cause change a heightened sensitivity to touch and temperature.

Have you thought about contacting the Stroke Association or the Spinal Injury Association?

Brain and Spine Helpline

0808 808 1000


Run by neuroscience nurses, providing support and information on all aspects of neurological conditions for patients, their families and carers, and health professionals.

The Stroke Association

Stroke Information Service

240 City Road

London EC1V 2PR

0303 303 3100


Support and information on stroke.

The Spinal Injuries Association

SIA House

2 Trueman Place


Milton Keynes MK6 2HH

0800 980 0501


Support and information on spinal cord injuries and paralysis.

- See more at: brainandspine.org.uk/spinal...


Hello, I also have very cold feet and legs, they are also very swollen. I went to see my GP and he said it could be caused by prednisilone as I also have water retention in my feet and ankles and legs. He gave me a medication to try to reduce the swelling. I have a prolapsed disc which is bulging and the surgeon doesn't want to operate as he can't g/tee I won't be paralysed and in a wheelchair. I don't know if any of this will help you as we are all different, I think it is best that you keep in touch with your GP or Rhumey Consultant for advise as I can only say what my GP advises me. I couldn't get feet to warm up last night no matter what I tried. Good luck, I hope you find a solution and that you will feel less pain very soon. x


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