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Nerve problems in lower legs & feet


Hi there

At present I'm very agitated with my lower legs & feet ,they're absolutely freezing cold ,a real bad sensation in them ,they seem like pressure building up and to the e tremendous I don't want to be on them,11 year ago I had my cervical vertebrae discs replaced and then later a fusion ,I was told back then that this had caused multiple nerve & muscle damage as my neck was equivalent to an 86 yr old I was 40yrs old at that time!! They think a lifting job I had done caused this when I was younger but not positive.

Since I had this trouble I've almost had issues with every part of my body including my shoulders,back,womb,bowels,joints & my legs.ive had numerous repair work on both knees now full knee replacements but since my last replacement I feel like this has traumatised my lower legs as I'm beside myself with the sensation,coldness and heavy ache in my bones it's driving me insane ,I've had Dopla tests they were fine ,I've had nerve tests where it did show nerve root issues going on I get very agitated to say the least,I've even felt that weak and through this I could no longer manage my pooches and I've had to rehome them because it was not fair on them,I just cannot stand on them for too long

I'm on the verge of driving myself mad ,I just cannot switch my brain off to this.The only thing that soothes them at all is sat in hot water but when ur out it comes back with a vengeance ,no tablets ave ever relieved this! !! I know there must be many people out there suffering to the same degree as me so I'm hoping someone has found a way to relieve these horrid symptoms.51yrs of age now feel like 90 ,depressed with it all ,can't work so get quite lonely can't engage with my grandkids much what else on this planet is there left for people like me to enjoy,and when I visit my Gp all I ever get told is " the only thing I can do Michelle is increase your zoromorph" and this helps how ????? No relief what so ever only difference your that dossile you don't think what ur doing and makes you a danger in your own home

Please reply if you have a familiar life to this.

Sorry for letting steam off on here but really " no proffessnal solution " really in this day & age !!

Regards Michelle in Coventry

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Hi SHELLYBENN 1966, i am so sorry to hear what you are going through. Its terrible that no one is able to help you. Would you try alternative therapy, I go to CHIREN THERAPY and find that brillant. I attend a chiropractor now and again, and get a good thai massage. I, am a firm believer in herbs, meditation, and good chats with my friends. I have sore muscles all over my body that ache quiet alot, I have had a knee replacement last September and its not bad, still numb and sore. I have that weakness in my legs and nerve pains in my arms. Do you drink wine or spirits or green tea each of these things make my muscle pain worse, Drink 2 litres of water a day really important to get rid of toxin

If you need someone to talk to you can email me at

Wwno I don't drink much at all only if I was at a celebration of some kind then it's Bacardi n coke ,

Thankyou for your comments ,I cannot believe how many people are suffering like me ,it's enough to send you over the edge.

Take care


Hi Michelle. I'm afraid I have no answers for you but wanted you to know you're not alone and I hope you get some help very soon. Hugs


Thankyou for your comment

Hiya Michelle, welcome. You're in a real state aren't you, I'm so sorry. One thing I was going to suggest you've already had & that's nerve conduction tests, but did they also conduct an EMG (electromyography)? This is the test where they use needle electrodes, similar to acupuncture needles, & an electric pulse is passed through which measures your muscle impulse at rest & when the limb is moved. It can be helpful in determining if it's a neurological problem you have or otherwise. It's good your doppler test was ok, that confirms there's nothing vascular going on.

I agree increasing the dose of your zomorph (I take it this what it is, if not then maybe oromorph, either way morphine-based) will only mask the problem not treat it. It. It might be you need a muscle relaxant or neuralgia med, though of course this is just suggestion, we're just patients like you, but these are what I was prescribed. Mine was diagnosed as peripheral neuropathy/axonal sensory polyneuropathy plus carpal tunnel syndrome - cause leflunomide, now discontinued but it's remained. Which is something else I wonder, could it be a side effect of one of your RD meds that's causing your horrible symptoms? I presume you have an RD (Rheumatoid Disease or Rheumatoid Arthritis) diagnosis, if not maybe that would be a consideration, thinking you have issues with your shoulders, back & joints, if are they widespread & generally symmetrical you could ask your GP to test your RF (rheumatoid factor) & ESR/CRP (current & longer term inflammation), they're blood tests which may show something autoimmune going on.

Did they say the reason for needing your knee replacements, was it OA perhaps, or maybe RD?

This could all still be related to the neck op & continued problems with your neck, though if it was I would have thought your GP would prescribe more appropriate meds. It's such a shame it affects your pleasure of grandchildren & needing to re-home your dogs, each can be a great distraction. As you mention a hot bath helps you could try adding Epsom Salts to it, only short term relief but when you're feeling as you do anything is a help.

All these suggestions are just that, you really need medical intervention to determine just what is going on, I hope you find it & sooner rather than later, you really need it don't you?

Hi there

I've been diagnosed with the same as you but not carpal tunnel ,however I have total nerve & sensory damage in both hands which are now very arthritic.i do wonder if I have reaumathoid Arthritus!!!!

My knees were both totally arthritic too & also my spine is totally arthritic

But the surgeon did say that my mobility would not change I'd just be pain free in my knees.sometimes I cannot take in all that they say to me as I get very confused at times especially when I'm agitated,

I have recently weened myself off the zoromorph which I was not in the land of the living ,I was doing worrying things .im now just taking zapping & codiene but I'm always extremely uncomfortable.

Anyway thankyou for replying to my post ,hope you keep well yourself

Take care


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