Cold but burning feet

Do anyone get burning hot feet but they are cold? In bed at night my feet are cold but burning, I need to put my feet out of the bed. I put my toes on one foot against the other foot to cool it down!!!

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  • I end up putting my feet in cold water to ease them off. I also find that i can't walk due to the burning in my feet. I have spoke to my rheumy nurse and she says she has a lot of patients with burning feet and it is ra related,but i will get the full details when i see her next

  • warmth equals inflammation

  • I had burning feet for ages and am always cold these days but the burning feet have stopped thankfully. It must be RA related. Tilda x

  • Thank you all, it's a pain being hot then cold keep putting covers on then kicking them off all night,x

  • Ive had this problem for so long and it drives me insane! i only get a little relive by using a boots leg cooling spray. put it is only short lived..x

  • Yes me too, feet a little bit but its knees for me.

    I can definately relate to the covers coming on and off all night.



  • yes, me too.

  • Same here xx

  • Here's another sufferer. I find it so hard to describe the sensations in my feet to other people as it makes no sense. What a pain!

  • I can only echo what everyone has said. My Consultant looked puzzled when I asked what caused this. I don't get it all the time but when I do it drives me mad.

  • No burning feet - my feet are like blocks of ice at night and can cramp too.

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