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Had a lovely day

I have decided that if this horridious disease is going to get me, I have to make sure I get out and about on the good days.

So, after trying to knock myself out on Monday, I returned to work yesterday. And today I dragged my long suffering hubby up to London. My the time we got to Waterloo, I had my stick out and ready. There are far more steps on the underground than I ever remember, but slowly I coped.

We went to the Tower of London and got in a concessionary ticket, my hubby came in free as my carer. The Warder was great, reserved me a seat in the chapel for his talk. Over did it in the White Tower, but was allowed down a closed route to the outside. I cannot fault the staff.

Had lunch in a local restaurant, and went by river boat to Westminster, so much better than the underground (when we return I might think about using them again). Then traveled on the Jubilee line to Waterloo using the lifts between levels (we had to wait for some people who were moving luggage). Came home.

Now eating crumpets watching the Proms, resting. Tomorrow heading for the flower show at Wisley. Resting on Monday and then back on the late buses.

Hopefully I won't pay for it.

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Even if you do ache a bit, it's worth it now & again. Hope flower show is good too.

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When i go to London i use taxis as my scooter won't go on the underground. I am glad you had a lovely day.xxxx

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I have found that in London I have had much more considerate treatment of my disabilities. People giving me a seat, opening the big gate at the turnstiles to let me through (without having to ask, just the chap noticing I'm struggling to walk), and general consideration.

I was contrasting that with going around a local shopping centre - a modern shopping precinct where I was going to visit the shop for aids to daily living. Then I looked around and noticed that the proportion of people walking with sticks, in wheelchairs and scooters was very high. I guess other people can suffer from compassion fatigue!


Only had one person who gave me a disdainful look. The guard at the Waterloo end of the Jubilee line. I went through disability gate, she pointed to the gates over to the right, when I showed her my stick, she gave me the look, but let me through.


Its good that you're doing so well at present. I prefer buses to the underground as taxis are horrendously expensive in London these days. Pleased that you had good consideration.

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Awesome! Sounds like a very lovely day. Cheers!



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