Hi all,

I have been searching now for 2 years and have now decided to put it out there...Is there an NRAS Group in Glasgow? I can find groups in almost every major City, in Scotland they seem to be in the Aberdeen area which for the central belt of Scotland is a distance. So my question are, is there one? And if not, why not? With Glagow being Scotlands biggest City and with Gartnaval Hospital being seemingly rammed with RD patients and 6 months behind in appointments and having more sufferers in Scotland per capita, then NRAS, would it not be good to have a group? In an easily accessible City like Glasgow which can furnish the Central Belt. Apologies if there is one, but I just cannot find it advertised anywhere.

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  • Hi Ianm

    The bad news is that there is no group in Glasgow. The good news is that NRAS is actively looking at the possibility of setting up such a group. What we need is a group of people who would support this, including people who would be prepared to take an active role.

    I would be happy to help with this, perhaps the first step on this forum is to find out how many people are interested, and if there are enough, to look at the taking things further.

    So, who out there would be ready to take on the challenge??? M x

  • Hi hats, well I am definately interested, and would like to get involved if this something that could get off the ground, I'm up for the challange :) x

  • Hi Ian - was looking for same - and I would be really interested in supporting a group if one could be set up.

  • There isn't one in Edinburgh either. We're talking about setting one up.

    Hope you're doing OK Iain


  • Right so how do we go about this andcwhobtakes the lead is it NRAS?

  • Hi All

    Yes we are hoping at some point during 2015 to launch a group in Glasgow with help from our Scottish Ambassadors. If anyone is willing to help or would like to know more about getting involved please email us directly on

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Kim, will send an email soon, woukd really like to know more :)

  • Hi cathy, not posted for a while s tarted new job very tired, had op inbetween and another last week. Still no group in fife.

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