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If like me this week you find out you have no gas supply for 4 days, I have just found about the priority service register, a bit late.

When scottish gas arrived on Sunday to look at the boiler, I mentioned to him as a RA sufferer I am registered disabled and need my heating and hot water supply. He said it is not on his priority list, but a quick phone call will sort it.


I don't qualify for any discount or anything. But I do qualify to be on the list.

If power goes out to my home they will attend to me first, warn me of intended works etc. Example when I phoned the number on the card to be reconnected after the national grid sorted the mains supply to my home they said they will be 4 hours, when I said I was on the priority list they were there within the hour.

Totally tropical in here now.

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  • That sounds worthwhile, thanks for sharing. I'm not registered disabled yet but if things go on the way they are I will. Our kitchen has underfloor heating and it always feels cosy. Having said that, one of our neighbours has a much loved cat and he has a heated blanket on permanently for it. Our is a bit more hardy I'm afraid. She goes out on high wire walks in windy weather.

  • I still work, but as I get DLA they class me as disabled, so just tell everyone I am

  • Cathy, Councils have no register anymore but with our illness that is disabling so you can say that you are a disabled household and they do ask what your disability is.

  • I found this out when I arranged for my yearly gas check. I was told that if anything happened to my gas supply they would guarantee that someone would be with me within two hours, and yes I have been placed on their priority list. Thank you for letting us know.

  • I think things are a bit different here in Scotland, but if anyone wants info this site seems to be useful


  • I am on the Anglia Water list and cos I cannot use loo paper they delivered eight bottles of water when ours was going to go off for maintenance.

    Also on gas and electricity. It is worthwhile.

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