Follow up from procedure

Yesterday went well. Being so nervous I was put at ease. My Dr / surgeon done what he said I did not feel a thing. Only having cannula back of hand was painful being needle phobic. I was completely out of it. So no gagging or the feeling of being prod. They use a different gas which they inflate for the colonoscopy doesn't cause painful gas/wind after. Procedures took a while. Recovery good couple of hrs.

Will get results in a couple of weeks.

Stay at home day cannot drive for 48 hrs.

Pamela xxx

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  • Hi Pamelah5

    I’m glad your procedure went well for you. Have a good rest today.

    I had the same procedure as you a few years ago and everything was fine. Had the results the same as went to a private centre via NHS through choose and book. Was a lot quicker this way.

  • I'm starting to eat slowly. Love bananas.

  • Thank you Matilda 1922. I went private as I originally wanted the "Capsule endoscopy" he advised against, plus he got me in within a couple of days from consultation. I won't know results till all biopsies are back.

    Pamela x

  • Glad it went ok. Hope the results are good.


  • Hi Wishbone.

    Thank you for your message. Yes all went well. If I needed to have tests repeated strange as it seems, with the same dr I wouldn't hesitate.

    Pamela xx

  • That's good to know, especially if I need to have one in the future. I shouldn't really have this paranoiac fear about having a camera stuffed down my throat as I've had so many probes inserted in just about every place they can be inserted, that at one time I felt like I'd been abducted by aliens for tests aboard their space ship!

    Good news is, my GP recently put me on gastro-resistant coated asprin, which actually does seem to be helping calm my stomach down. Early days yet, but my stomach is the best it's been for ages. However, it's got me scratching my head as to why my GPs didn't try me on these gastro-resistant asprins when I first complained to them about my stomach? Instead, and for whatever reason best known to themselves, they decided to leave me suffer for this past year!! I think I was only prescribed them this time because I was seen by a GP who I'd not seen before.

    Apologies for yet another rant of mine...I must be getting old and grumpy.

    That cannula stuff sounds the business. Curious to know exactly what a capsule endoscopy is?

  • Hi Pamela. I'm so glad you had a better experience than you feared. So, feet up and resting for a couple of days and hoping for a good result from the biopsies. Hugs


  • Hi Jan. Thank you for your message. Procedure couldn't of gone any better. Was all thanks to the Dr/surgeon did not feel a thing, not able to drive for 48hrs extremely tired, tomorrow hopefully will get out. Results in two weeks.

    {hugs} pamela xx

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