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Just wondering does or has anyone suffered with a mortons neuroma?

Its a damaged nerve covered in scar tissue found in the toe web space. I had one removed in January to find I have 2 more 1 in each foot. It is quite rare to have so many and I am wondering whether it has anything to do with inflammatory arthritis? I am seeing the orthopaedic consultant this Tuesday to probably go on the list for surgery but just feel now that to find out what is wrong with me is my priority. Thank you x

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BOB here

You will need to wear broader shoes.

A Podiatrist will assist with your problem, they are good wit toenails also



Thanks BOB I have seen a podiatrist and got some insoles ..I can only wear crocs or skechers shoe wise. So was referred to the ortho surgeon for removal of them but to be honest I don't feel up to another operation.


Hi - yes....I had 2 in my right foot. I had injections into mine & they went. Doesn't sound pleasant but I'm not good with anaesthetics. X hope all goes well for you. Ann


Hi, before I was diagnosed with RA/PsA I diagnosed myself with Morton's Neuroma (I was an orthopaedic nurse) and the surgeon agreed until he saw the MRI, when he quickly packed me off to the rheumatologist. Hope you can get them sorted quickly. Clemmie


I have one in my right foot. Appeared a year or so before my RA diagnosis and I was down to have surgery but it stopped being quite so agonisingly painful so I didn't do anything further (and I was in my 20's and working F/T and couldn't imagine how I would manage with no weight bearing and getting to work for weeks on end etc). Fifteen years later it is still there and the drs always poke at it when they look at my feet but all it does now is makes my toes splay apart and go into pins & needles! It can be sore if my foot is especially squeezed but I have so many RA issues with my feet now that it is just a quirk rather than a pain (as it was once).


Thanks for replying. I saw the consultant today who offered surgery or steroid injection in both feet yikes.

I don't think I could face surgery the way I have been feeling so I have decided on the injections..especially as I don't have my 1st rheumy appointment until the middle of December.

I have never had a steroid injection before are they painful?


Yes I have one. It came about a year before my RA was diagnosed. It was incredibly painful. I can still feel it there but it doesn't show up on ultrasound or MRI so I didn't have anything done about it. My Rheumy refers to it as a calcification. It's fine unless he presses on it which sets it off again. The solution for me has been wide fitting shoes. Anything that squeezes the toes together triggers the pain and electric shock sensations.


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