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PIP medical assessment cancelled

Hi I applied for PIP back in May and have been waiting for the medical ever since! Last week I was pleased to get an appointment for the 14th -tomorrow, well actually I got two appointments for tomorrow! I phoned them back to ask for the later one as I do still manage to work. I said I couldn't do the 10 am slot as I struggle to get to work most days and when I have a sick day I seriously really need it. Juggling work and RA is impossible and I will lose my job due to absences. Initially they offered me a new appointment for the 31 of Oct, an hour later they phoned me back to say that I didn't need a medical and the information on the form, medical records etc was enough!!!!

I think I must be getting turned down :( I was really looking forward to being assessed as I'm going through a rough patch at the moment -a proper flare visibly shattered and swollen and depressed and now even more stressed.

Has anyone else received PIP without an assessment?

Or will I need to get ready for an apeal!

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I was told the other day that providing you tell as full picture as you can they not always need to do visit or medical. It was described that those reading them have to see a clear picture and providing they have that and evidence references they are making decisions by paper. So fingers crossed (lol) you did a fantastic and through job of giving them all they needed and ticked all the boxes. This cancellation could be a good sign


Hi, hopefully you've given them all the answers they need so you don't need an assessment. Good luck, am waiting for a reply from my application too xx


Thanks for the positive replies, I just don't think the question-air asked questions which would allow me to express the full extend of affects of the disease. It is very matter of fact I felt it didn't ask how RA has impacted on my life, and I was advised just to answer the questions, I didn't embellish the symptoms. I'm sure I filled it out on a good day-I really can't remember what a good days like now!

Fingers crossed- or maybe not, as they will probably stay like that LOL



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