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Hyaluronic Acid injections into joints

I was told about this many years ago from a woman I used to know, but there was not much written then about it and my knees/joints were not as bad then. I received a letter from my French friend this week who told me her husband (a patissier who is always on his feet at work) has started to get really bad with knee pain and was recently diagnosed by x-ray as having OA. She told me had had had three weekly injections of HA into his knee joint but as yet hasn't said how beneficial it is. Has anyone here had experience of it? Does it affect any RA meds?

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I've never had them, but have heard of them used instead of steroid injections. (I spend most of my time in France, so maybe more popular outside UK). There's information about them on the arthritis research website here


Thank you Helix Helix! ;-) I would ask my consultant but likely to get yelled at ... was lat time I asked about my knee and the swelling behind it. They won't scan it .. said it won't show htem much ... and said it was a Baker Cyst as it has come and gone over the years which I do know about, but I feel it could be something else now .... my tendons made worse by the way I have been walking on flat feet and dodgy Achilles and it has had a knock on effect on my behind the knee movement . I would like to read up on HA and to find out thought if there are limitations on how much you have and if it interacts with and other meds. I have known my French friend a long time and it is apparent they do things quite a different way in many medical matters. I will have a look at the link thank you. Hope you are well HH ;-) x


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