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what a week,

Hi every one,

this week is one that cant come to an end fast enough for me, started Monday water infection, antibiotics, phoning the hospital to see if i could still take my mtx today, yes was the answer, but last night i have never been so ill, i was throwing up, then out the other end it came this morning, my face is now all red and blotchy, only managed some toast this afternoon, after i came home from work,(why i went to work i will never know) hands sore, feet sore, back is killing me, so i will be glad to see the back of this week, i hope all yours week have gone better, take care xxx Gwen,

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Oh no, poor you! You're having common side effects of cephalexin so it sounds as though you're allergic. It's probably a little late for your Practice to be open now but I'd phone for morning surgery & see if they'll prescribe a different one for you that's not in the same group but won't increase the toxicity of your MTX

Hope you can rest up tonight.


i feel a lot better this morning, face not too bad, so i am going to see how todays goes, don't shout but i have stopped taking them, if my water infection comes back i will go back to the docs, xxx


I'd have done the same! Just remember to ask your GP to note not to give you any of the cephalosporin group again. Best to make them aware at pre op if you have a surgical procedure that you're alergic too. Not a nice reaction & you don't want them again I would think!! I have the same problem with red shellfish & have to careful as it's an immediate reaction, not pleasant in company!! You might know my favourites, prawns & crab are no longer an option & I have to be really careful when eating out. :(


Poor you. I am allergic to the whole penicillin group, so know how ghastly it is. I now carry an ever-growing list of drugs to which I react bad,y and just hope that there are tolerable alternatives should the need arise. It sounds as if you are through the worse, thankfully. Drink plenty of wYer and keep warm.



Sad to say life is rough if you cannot take antibiotics, the list of these medications that are effective is getting less and less and the medics are rubbing their hands in the loss of these medical wonders. We will be going back to the 1930 s when dealing with infections Where sulpher was one of their wonder drugs



Oh bless you , I react to loads of meds but main thing is go back and get something else, hope you are feeling better soon x


Hi Gwen sorry to hear you are having such an awful time. I am very surprised you were advised to have your mtx. I wouldn't leave the infection untreated I would see a doctor tomorrow.

Take care kikideelili x


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