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Oh what a day !!

Hi everyone hope you are all pain free, Yesterday I went to see my GP to get some antibiotics for a water infection which I had had for a few weeks, while I was there I mentioned a pain I had been having just under my right ribs, I was vey surprised after my GP had prodded my ribs and then told me it was RA in my rib joints !! I had never heard of it there before.

Anyway she gave me some Nitrofurantoin antibiotics to take 4 a day for 3 days, so when I got home I took one at about 11am, at 12am I had never felt so sick, headache, sickness ,dizziness, and my throat felt like it was closing and I couldn't swallow, I was boiling hot one min and freezing cold the next. After phoning the GP back to tell her what was happening she said it was an allergic reaction to the medication and to lie down and try and relax and to take an antihistamine tablet if I had any ! and if my breathing started to get bad to go straight away to the nearest hospital !!!

So I will never take them again, just wondered if anyone has had the same reaction to these antibiotics.

Wendy xx

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Oh dear what an awful experience for you.

The only problem that I've ever had with antibiotics is thrush on my tongue,so nothing as bad as you have had.

I did have problems with my breastbone feeling very tender.The GP pressed it and said it was arthritis.This was before I was diagnosed with RA.I must admit until then I didn't realise it affected the ribs and breastbone.

I do hope you feel much better soon.Take care xx


Hi I'm new to this site, just recently RA diagnosed and just started on methotrexate. Are you on mtx? I thought nitro was contraindicated with mtx, I may be wrong but worth checking the information leaflet. Hope you feel better soon x


Trimethroprim most commonly chosen for UTI is contraindicated with MTX


Thanks Summer, my GP wouldn't give me Trimethroprim she gave me Nitrofurantoin which said nothing in the leaflet about MTX.

Wendy x


nitrofurantoin is ok with mtx.. but not ok with you as you were obviously allergic to it


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