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Ah, Pride goeth before the Fall

I was going to post an encouragement to exercise: even with both knees replaced, a hip replacement, an ankle fusion, and just turning 60 I've managed to ride my bicycle 10 or more miles a day each day this summer and I feel better than I've felt for a long time. I'm on Methotrexate, Tramadol, and Naproxen. Even though I can't walk far, on a bicycle I do very well.

Until last night. Haven't had a bad flare for a little while and my back flared last night. Oh well, it's happened before and I'll survive, though my cursing and moaning is hard on my wife.

Back to the exercise stuff: find something you can do and do it every day! (unless you are flaring badly) I think you'll feel the difference!

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Wow 10 miles on a bike with all you've had done is very impressive. Sorry about the flare though. I too am a great believer in exercise. I don't ride a bike because it's too hilly where I live and getting a bike in and out of our terraced garden is just very hard work. But I do walk my dogs for an hour most days and do 30 minutes daily of stretches - yoga, muscle exercises and aerobic exercise three times a week. I swear by it - even when things aren't good. Hope the flare dies a death and keep cycling!


Well done to ride 10 miles a day. I used to ride out but since a quad bypass op a few months ago haven't had the courage to get back out. But I do try to do 20km a day on my exercise bike while watching Pointless or educational DVDs etc! Keeps me flexible and helps build up strength too without being too hard on my arthritic joints.


Hi pdp2234,

I have just put some links on the post by jora - "Disappointing Flare" that you might find useful. Hope your flare doesn't last too long and that you feel better soon. We know that exercise is good so keep it up!


Beverley (NRAS Helpline)


Thanks for your replies! I had been flare free for quite a little while and started to get over-confident! But here is the definition of RA (or RD or RAD): you do everything right, you exercise and eat well and all that, but, every once in while (or more often than not) you feel pretty terrible. That's just the way it is!

All in all it sure deepens my understanding of anyone going through chronic illness or just chronic old age.


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