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Update to nomoreheels. I got a call to say my G.p wanted to see me re x ray, well just got back.

He confirmed I have a fracture in my big toe near the joint but not in it so that is good. Got to strap it to the next one and keep bandage on round the toe and foot. Also to stay off work and keep it elevated, that concerned me because I was suppose to be doing overtime today and tomorrow and don't like letting colleagues down.

The pain yesterday was quite bad and woke me at 4am this morning. Taking my co codamol but I struggle during the day to take 2 together because they make me feel sick, and do not always releive pain. Try 1 every 2 hours but still nausea which doesn't help with mtx. He said to try just paracetamol which I will and I suppose resting it will help too.

Hope you are all well

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  • I can't comment regarding work as I don't work anymore but i certainly know that seeling of letting down people because of our health! Its horrible but I think it doesn't upset them as much as it does us;-)

    Pain frelief wise I find taking just paracetamol is much better than with added codine, less nausea. With the MXT are you on any anti nauseas? they really help if you're not..

    Get well soon

    Ella x

  • Thanks for the update moomie. It must hurt, big toes are a bugg€r, particularly when walking because we use them for balance so do try to rest it up as much as possible else it will take longer to sort.

    If the co-codamol make you feel nauseous but otherwise work for you how about asking your GP for an anti emetic (anti sickness med).... that may also help with your MTX sicknesss if you're taking max folic acid (5mg 6 times a week). The thing is they need to be taken regularly to be of any great effect. Similarly with the paracetamol, it can be a very efficient med for some but again only if taken at regularly intervals. But, if neither are controlling your pain do go & see your GP (he's going to be busy!!).

    Don't be worrying about work. It's admirable being concerned about letting your colleagues down but you've every reason to take some time off, you need to keep your foot elevated & if your job involves being on your feet a lot it's not good really is it? You won't be at your best anyway not having had much sleep with the pain I wouldn't have thought.

    I'm not too bad thank you. Actually I'm keeping my feet elevated as much as poss whilst waiting for a steroid injection in my ankles/feet. RD having a nadge at them & as swollen as they've ever been. It was where the disease first started & always been a weak spot but there you go, it's a so & so but there are lots of people worse off. Thanks for asking. :)

  • Hi nmh do you mean with pain relief it is better to take when you are coping as well instead of waiting until it is really bad which is what I do. I can't get my head round taking tablets unless absolutely necessary (throw back from my dad )sorry to hear feet are bad x

  • Not quite Lainee. If it's for breakthrough pain start taking them & continue according the patient information leaflet or as directed on the packet if it's a prescribed med until the pain has subsided. Obviously if it's one that needs to be taken long term then it shouldn't be a problem as you'd be taking them as directed. Don't let the pain get a hold before starting to take them is what I mean, keep the med topped up rather than letting the pain come back otherwise it's having to work on the pain from scratch again. Continue to take at regular times, say 2 x 4 times a day then take each dose at the same times each day, but no more than is recommended on the PIL (every 4 hours say).

    I'll get over my feet (if that's possible!). Used to them being my weak point, it was where RD started. Hope you're ok too? x

  • Thanks for clarification I understand xx I am in a bad place today but hey ho it's Friday tomorrow xxx sleep well xxx

  • Sorry to hear that Lainee, are the steroids not doing their job? Yes, all weekend free for us. Enjoy it & you sleep well too. x

  • Sorry Moomie for using your post for my problem! Thanks nmh I started really well on steroids and fingers in particular were nearly normal I can't stop looking at them! For the last few days I have had a return of horrible burning and tingling pain in back feet legs pelvic area with hip burstris playing up. I don't know if I have overdone it. Feel so down as you just get some relief then wham something else punches the life from you. I don't know what to do as I feel like just giving up and lying in bed all day. Sorry hate to admit defeat but I am feeling defeated for last few days and in very low mood when normally I try my hardest to keep positive. I am taking cocodamol now when next dose us due with diazepan for back so hope this helps. Hope you are okay today. Xx

  • Lainee don't be sorry. Sometimes you read things that apply to you and make sense. Hope you have gained from nmh response. She is very knowledgeable isn't she ?

    Do hope you are feeling better. Know what you mean about looking at your fingers after the steroids I just sit and wiggle my fingers up and down.if people saw me they would thing I was very odd. It just feels wonderful for the stiffness to be alleviated.

    Take care and keep on top of those pain meds.

  • Thanks Moomie will do xxx

  • Do you know Lainee sometimes it does you good to give up for a day & just lie in bed if that's what you feel you'd like to do! Done it myself, it lets your body rest & if you fall asleep that's even better as you're not fighting against the pain. Hey, it's not giving up or admitting defeat it's reacting to what your body is telling you! I try so hard to be a glass half full person but sometimes it's not worth it & just accepting that RD is there having a go is the way. It's Friday so be kind to yourself over the weekend & hopefully things will ease.

    Overslept today so behind with everything, have a poorly doggie who had my h up at 5am & the shower suddenly turned cold when my h was just about to rinse off. He showers me first so I got away with that one! Guess it's new shower shopping for us today then! Thanks for asking though. x

  • Thanks for taking time to reply I am feeling mentally more positive and feeling relaxed so like you say hopefully be better thank you once again. Hope doggie is ok and happy shopping xx bless you nmh xxx

  • No problem at all, you know that. I hope your positivity stays around a while.

    Doggie has perked up a bit now but she is an oldie so fear this is the start of the end. She also has arthritis in her hips & they're not holding her weight so well so walking a bit like she's had a few pints poor thing. x

  • Oh poor little thing give her a cuddle from me. Ps I have taken tablets as suggested and it is better as I am not as tense with pain. Well must go another box set to watch !!! Hope you are having fair day x

  • I will, thanks. She's on her memory foam "blanket" just staring at the wall, not good. Just received an appointment to see a Rheumy on 27th (mine's on leave, though I'm beginning to wonder if she's left, my h tells me that her husband who was a Surgeon at the same hospital has left to make violins!!), I suppose that's as urgent as it gets lol but if they're a Rheumy down I can't moan can I!

    I'm pleased that the pain has eased, just hope it continues. It may as you relax down with a box set, enjoy.

    Day not going that well, MemoPad playing up, it won't charge & mobile's broken, hey ho!! x

  • Glad you have appt nmh hope you get some relief leading up to it.x Your message made me smile as I dropped my phone a couple of days ago and smashed the front lucky I took out insurance. So having to text through what looks like a spiders web have a good sleep x

  • Thanks Lainee. Mobile's goosed, looking for a new one but the good news is the shower doesn't need replacing. My h had a lightbulb moment & checked the fuse hadn't tripped.... it had! So at least we save some there, maybe I could spend the difference on a new phone lol! Good job you took out insurance, screens are uber expensive usually.

    Hope you have a good sleep too. x

  • Sorry to hear you are having problems with your feet and ankles nmh. Hope you have a date for your injection. You will have to sit with your feet in a bowl of warm water to ease the pain and imagine you are in the Caribbean :).

    Thank you for your advice. Have been taking paracetamol and cocodamol now before bed. Do not take anti emetics and only 1 folic acid tab a week, which also makes me feel sick. I also do not take painkillers as often as needed until desperate. I worry about taking too many tablets even more so as now looks like a 4th dmard to be added. Oh well think about that in a couple of weeks when that starts.

    My oh asked if I had been bored sitting at home today but honestly enjoyed sitting and having a rest. Take care and I hope your feet ease up soon.

    lainee hope you sort out your pain meds too.

  • Sorry got your name wrong x

  • Nope, no date yet, urgent smurgent lol! I find wrapping my electric heat pad round my feet helps, more than the electric foot muff so been sitting back letting the heat do it's best.

    So does the folic acid make you feel sick? Do you think it could be a mind thing, you're taking it to stop the MTX making you feel sick & it's setting off a trigger? It's a shame if it does because it could be increased to more days a week to ease it, if your Rheumy would be ok with that.

    Maybe not taking your pain meds until your desperate isn't helping then. As I explained to Lainee it's not the best way to use them, try to take them as directed regularly rather than waiting until the pain is really bad. I know it's difficult having to take so many meds but I've been taking them so long now it's just a necessity so can understand how it must feel.

    Take care of yourself & remember the meds are prescribed for a reason. Has your Rheumy discussed his plans with you & possibly going onto ant tnf's or biologics? x

  • Update....Post arrived, marked Urgent - First Class for an appointment on 27th July so guess my GP's intervention worked. Another 10 days though.

  • Pleased you have an appointment. Ten days seems like a long time when you are in pain though. Keep smiling through gritted teeth . Best wishes x

  • Pain is copeable, BuTrans sees to that & co-co's for breakthrough pain, in fact needing some pretty soon as I change the patch tomorrow & guess the juice is running out as I can feel my back more too. It's the swelling more than anything, I'm spilling out of my shoes! But yes disappointed it's not sooner, it'll be my luck the inflammation will have gone down. My h said we'll have a walk along the prom before the appointment so they're at their best lol! Thanks for the best wishes. Hope the toe's not giving you too much pain. Are you keeping it up as much as poss? x

  • Oh dear your poor feet. Yes that happens to me but usually other way round. Good for an appointment then wham next day. Keeping foot up but it is really hurting tonight paracetamol not touching it having 2co codamol before bed. You take care if you go for a walk on the prom that's all I did and fell. X

  • I have history too of damaging myself walking on the prom. A few weeks before my 21st my h (boyfriend as was) & I were having a Sunday afternoon stroll on the prom & going back to the car in the car park in front of the pier. At that time the fencing marking the periphery of the car park had the kind of chains with long triangular/diamond shaped pieces every foot or so in them. We were taking a short cut & we went to straddle the chain, him holding my hand letting me go first, when I caught my heel on it & fell with h landing on top of me. I'd pierced my inner calf on the triangular metal. Well, my foot started to get warm & sticky so I lifted my trouser leg to look & there was lots of blood so naturally started to pull my pop sock down as my h was telling me not to because he predicted what would happen & he was right. I'll spare you the gory details save to say I was fast tracked in A&E & had 4 local anaesthetics around it &18 external & 20 internal stitches. 4" scar inside right calf is noted in any distinguishing marks in my passport! My h was wearing cowboy boots (fashionable in the early '80's) & it even ripped those.

    I hope the co-codamol ease your pain enough to get some sleep. If the duvet is too heavy on your toe I've a tip for you. I tore my achilles tendon & it was sore to begin with so my h cut the two ends out of a cardboard box big enough for my cast to go through & keep the weight off it. x

  • Thanks Moonie for raising this as it has made me think about how I manage pain have a good day x

  • Wish I could have let you have my injection appointment last mon nmh so you could get some relief.

    Do hope your doggie is ok, it is such a worry. Sounds like you have a good caring Hubby. My other half was concerned I got blood on our dog when I fell because I grazed my knee too lol.

    I am just at a low point that's all with everything. The nausea from mtx is not too bad but the co codamol was a few days ago so didn't want to add in mix with mtx. Don't know why folic acid does it. I try not to think about it.

    As for biologics that's what the Nurse was going to do. There is a drug research programme which is testing cheaper brands but in theory same drugs. She said I would be contacted after visit in June. At my 1st appointment on Mon injection. (Not done because all fingers inflamed so got a depot instead ) Dr mentioned lef told him Nurse had said about research trial he went to see Cons and said yes you will be contacted. Second appointment with Dr young SHO very nice ( must be getting old he looked so young ) examined my fingers and said I would have a very high score but problem with low inflammation bloods. Told him about trial and he said it would be good idea and told me about drugs, said he would check with Reg tried to tell him already sorted. Anyway another Dr came in and said no to try Lef next and Depot should help in mean time. I left so deflated confused upset. I had not told them any problem's I have had etc. I am worried about taking 4 dmards too. The SHO was a bit confused too but lovely, tried to say what a good drug lef was. Also concerned about amount of steroids I have had and now fracture, so another dexa scan.

    Didn't ask anymore just came home.

    Got to see Nurse again on Monday so going to write a list down.

    I just feel frustrated upset and a nuisance. I know people have lots of problems and I shouldn't moan. I don't tell anyone any of this just try to smile and get on with things as normal. Being at work takes my mind of things and my second job is due to restart again soon. Being back with my boys makes me laugh and I get lots of cuddles. I just wanted to be fit by then to keep up.

    Wow I have gone on a bit, bet your heat pad has gone cold by now reading this.

    You take care of those feet and poorly doggie. Hope you get your new shower. Xx

  • Don't you ever feel a nuisance Moomie! You have as much to cope with as the next person, maybe more & they're there to treat you & it does sound as though you have a good team around you. I just hope they can organise your treatment & get on it asap whilst waiting for starting on the trial. Meantime do ask about increasing your folic acid, it really can help. I've found since being on 6 a week I'm tons better.

    We all get low points, it's part of the disease I'm afraid & when you're not properly controlled it exacerbates the situation so it gets to us. I'm a bit like that at the mo but trying to keep bouyant is hard isn't it? With elder doggie being poorly as well it's not easy but she gets plenty of loves but it's the sad eyes that get me. My h is brilliant.... at times, though he has his health conditions too so be just rub along supporting one another!

    Hope all goes well when you see you nurse, writing a list is a good idea, try to keep it to bullet points, it'll make it easier to get it all out you know how they are with time. Not sure what you mean by your boys, but if you have said before I do apologise, not retaining much just now thanks to gabapentin. Are you a nursery nurse?

    Oh & to top it all for today, just got my MemoPad back from being repaired,, motherboard replaced & now it won't charge.... & my mobile's broken, can anything else go wrong??? x :O

  • Hi Moonie I think you should come over to me for a duvet day we will make a good pair together perhaps nmh can come and give us counselling !! Seriously sorry you are having down day and difficult time love to you x

  • Lainee that sounds like a plan. We could share paracetamol lol!

    Have a good weekend. X

  • Nmh dear you are having a rough time. Give Doggie a cuddle. My older girl is 13 tomorrow. I had to take her for her hydro today it is booked monthly. She is now snoozing in her basket outside.

    Technology eh good while it is working. I dropped my mobile last month and smashed it.

    Sorry my boys! My second job is a safety steward at a football ground. I am in charge of the kop on match days. The majority of the stewards are males and and I have 4 male Supervisors. They are my boys. We have a laugh and they look after me. Main job only part time is a receptionist at the hospital on main desk. Not the one so attend. Got to start arrangements soon I am doing a fun dog show to raise funds in Sept.

    Yes I do have a good Rheum team I just don't ask questions.

    You take care and I hope nothing else goes wrong x

  • You aren't letting anyone down, you know. If they feel you are, that is entirely their own stuff, and has nothing to do with you. You have an injury besides your RD, and I am honestly in awe of anyone who works through this disease. Please take good care of yourself, and leave your colleagues to take care of themselves. I know how easy it is to feel guilty for being unwell, but it's not your fault! The only reason to feel guilt is having done something wrong, and you didn't pick this situation - it picked you. Many hugs, and hoping you get the pain settled,


  • Thank you that's kind Azabats. Most of my colleagues are really nice. Should have been working over too yesterday and today. I have a seated job and only should do 22 hours. Work 3 evenings too which is good because I can have a lie in and come round.

    My dogs are pleased anyway because I have been at home all day for cuddles.

    Thank you again x

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