Night sweats

I have been taking methotrexate and humeria for about 18 months now with no side affects apart from slight nausea and associated stomach issues for 24 hours after I take the methotrexate. However for the last few months I have been experiencing night sweats. This is not just getting hot but about 30 seconds after I wake enough to turn over in bed a wave of heat spreads though my body and I end up lying on top of the bed for a few minutes until it subsides. Seems to be getting worse and more frequent and should probably go and see the doc but wondered if anyone else experiences this and it could be a side affect of the meds. I should state that I am male and certainly not menapusal!

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  • I do get do hot in bed. I put it down to my RA machine burning away! However as we r prone to picking up illnesses it may be a good idea to get a check up as dome diseases also show with night sweats x

    Ps I may be menopausal lol!

  • Hi RichardG,

    I was getting night sweats before i started any meds, it was that bad i would wake up and i would be dripping with sweat, i would go see your GP, as it turns out i had an enlarged Thymus and thats what they put it down to, had an op to remover it, and the night sweats seemed to stop, but they are back albeit not to bad this time, i'm of to see my GP about it on sunday,

    How long have you been getting them and how many times a week??

    Book to see your GP mate, as there are a lot of things it could be down to, best to be safe than sorry!

  • might pay to have your liver levels checked!

  • Hi Richard

    This does not sound good. I would advise you see your gp ASAP. The only time I have had night sweats was when I was on prednisolone. My gp sent me for bloods and a chest x ray to rule of TB.

    Let us know how you get on.


  • My rhumy asked if I had night sweats, I don't sweat but I do get very hot and have to throw the covers away, particularly if my RA is playing up.

  • I get night sweats all the time I have the fan going all night. I get them through the day too so I always carry a hand fan with me so I can waff myself. I've always thought it was just another symptom of the rheumatoid. I have my regular blood tests and chest X-Rays and they've all been ok. I've even had the sweats during my rheum appointments and nothing has been said so I've always just presumed it was as all part and parcel x

  • just to point out day sweats are not the same as night sweats as at night when we sleep our body should be in rest mode, and night sweats is a sign of something working over time inside our body,

    and you should always see your GP to make sure you don't have an underlying medical condition, like i said before its better to be safe than sorry!

    @dozzer15 if you keep having them i would make a point of seeing your GP every 2 weeks just to make sure its not a start of anything else.

  • Thanks Marcus I think I will mention it to my rheumy nurse when just see her this week especially as they have been getting worse lately although I have had lots of blood tests lately cos I started on Rituximab infusion 2 weeks ago and I'm due for another this week x

  • Hi Richard. Nice to see some blokes posting on here. I had similar night sweats when I was first diagnosed. They put it down to all the various drugs and painkillers bubbling away in me!! But it settled down after my dosages were reduced. But, as above, get it checked out, don't leave it and hope it will go away.

    Ps. Hi Marcus, how's things?

  • I have them . On metho and bloods fine. I was told it was normal to hace night sweats xx

  • I had night sweats when I had TB, so would wake up during the night absolutely dripping with sweat. So yes, it's worth getting it checked out! But against that it sounds as if you might not be experiencing full on night sweats, but that when you're asleep your body temperature drops a tiny bit, and if you wake suddenly it rises abruptly and you feel a surge of heat. I have that, which I've been told is nothing to worry about although uncomfortable - particularly for OH who protests at having duvet thrown on the floor without notice. So if it's a surge of heat a few seconds after you wake then it could just be age & body temperature regulator getting a bit less sensitive.

  • Thanks for all your comments. I have been to see the GP and he didn't really know what is causing this but sent me for Thyroid blood test which i have had and just waiting for results. I think what this is is that every time I wake up about 30 seconds later I just overheat and takes a few minutes to settle back. All a bit annoying but no other symptoms and RA is well controlled so not too bad really. Just like to know what is causing it.

  • Thanks for all your replies. I have since been to the doc and checked for thyroid problems and all tests came back negative so I am still left with waking up and overheating every time and no one seems to know what is wrong. If this is just a reaction to the meds I can live with it as it's far far better than the pain and inability I was in before but would like to know what it is. Back to the doc again this week I think.

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