I rang pip again today as I was told that I should be seen in the next 4weeks so thought I would ring them again just to make sure this was correct, well no the man on the other end said I should,nt have been told this as it was,nt true and they can't tell me how long ot will be, I've been waiting since November, and getting so fed up of waiting ...pip is a shambles

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  • How awful, never had this with DLA , so sad x

  • I'm sorry to hear of your problems with the pips from pip, a lot of people are being left for months and months, ridicules to say the least but with any luck pip will go belly up and things will go back to good old DLA.


  • Hello, I'm not sure if you saw my post about PIP? The government are currently asking people to send them their experiences of PIP. I've told them to hire more assessors / get the current assessors to do more assessments each day. I applied in December and still haven't heard anything, I agree it's a complete shambles. The person I spoke to said that I shouldn't have been waiting for more than 26 weeks and he will send me the 'complaint pack'. If only they were as efficient with making appointments for assessments! Hope you hear something soon.

  • I've been waiting since dec yup they don't tell u anything .my last call said 12 months at least

  • Been waiting since September 47 weeks from start had assessment 8 weeks ago and got my away granted on Friday at last it's a great relief but it's here. Realistic not 6 month more near a year to get through.

  • I asked what the complaints procedure was and they said therewwasn't one!

  • The lady I spoke to on Monday is putting in a formal complaint on my behalf Jo because I haven't received my claim form yet. It's a case of if you don't shout loud enough they fob you off I think, maybe try as I did & turn it round to if it was them applying & how would they feel, firmly but calmly, it worked for me!!

    I've completed the form, francherry kindly posted the link & you can complete it online). It's cases such as yours & those who've had their claim rejected that it's been deemed necessary to publish it. It doesn't seem as if anyone has had a smooth experience so would think they'll be inundated with responses. x

  • I know how you feel Laceygreen, i put in for PIP last October and i was getting sick of waiting for a letter to come so i phoned them up 2 times last month, and then left it, then i phoned them up last week and asked if they had an appt for me, and the woman said she will have a look, and came back with cancellation! was not happy with where it was and the time, but i was not going to turn it down.

    so do keep on to them, you may get lucky like i did and get a cancellation?


  • Took me from September to May for an assessment been now waiting 5 weeks for decision told in final stages and no time scale for the decision. Get in touch with your MP to intervene its 8 month now you have waited

  • Ne news on ur decision? I got regretted this week 5th week since appointment x

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