Eh up

Eh up

Eh up! As you can maybe tell I have been in middle Yorkshire. That's not too far considering I'm on north of the county. We went to our trusty caravan and I had a feminist moment. I can drive, ok only for a bit then stop but why does hubby drive the caravan. It manly and I'm too scary girly yo do it. Surely it can't be that hard??

Well I drove the car pulling the van on the site to the gate lol and frankly don't know how you do it without having to run to the loo. However people were looking at the lady driver!!

Now why I am thinking have I allowed our roles over the years to be male or female ? He puts up shelves , I do choosing paint colours!! I was about to say the cooking till I realised actually he does most of that too!!

So what job would you like to do that the other half does ?

Mine would be doing a caravan towing course, let's pretend just for this that our wishes would not be hindered from our RA!!!

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  • Have a lovely time

  • Just back Sylvie it was glorious although thunder and lightening Thursday! Now sweetie what male job or task would you like to do that are traditionally done by guys?

  • To be honest darling i can't think of anything today as i feel rubbish.xxxxx

  • Oh no, then I am gonna be a male health whisperer and send u good health xxxx

  • That sounds interesting Allanah,i could do with some good health right about now. My broken ankle is killing me. Its on some peas at the moment darling. Hugs for

  • Sorry your ankle's being problematic sylvi. Can they not up your pain meds to cover the extra pain? Hope you're not trying to override it & using it too much. Let others do your fetching & carrying whilst you can!

    I do hope it subsides soon. You need to start getting strong & use it so you can get in your dancing shoes ;)

  • I don't have to do anything for it to hurt darling. As for pain meds. i am on some of the strongest i can have. I can't take morphine. I have been walking on it with and without the boot. As for dancing shoes they have long gone sadly. Love

  • Oh I'm sorry. Hot/cold compresses? Are the strengthening exercises too much?

    Me too with the dancing shoes & I had some bobby dazzlers, each matching my evening dresses so with you there!

    Sending positive thoughts to reduce your pain. x

  • That's the trouble with breaks , even tho they are healed they takes ages to stop troubling you xx

  • Me here, just caught up with this, we were in need of a light off topicer so graidely, thanks alllanah. Were you bhat 'at on t'Ilkley Moor? Ok I know that's W Yorks but that's where my h's lot are from not N!! Well done you for having a go though. A bit of girl power there & hope you enjoyed it whilst it lasted!

    Anyhoo I'd be a mechanic & fiddle with the car engine, not that my h does that any more as the engines are so damned tricky nowadays! If I could expand your question & relate it to being the opposite sex I'd love to be a rally driver please lol!! Though nowadays it'd have to be an automatic so actually that would be rubbish :(

  • I too would love to have a go at Rally driving! As long as it was someone else's car I was smashing up and I'm now determined to do a towing course!

  • You go girl!!!

  • You too vroom vroom ! This of course is not in the RA world lol , this is our imaginary world for those I know who just learned they can't drive and I'm thinking of you xx

  • I luckily can drive still and am grateful xx

  • Poop poop - I just wish occasionally he would let me sit in the driver's seat and if I did that he didn't grip his seat the entire time and then sigh with relief when we've arrived!

  • I hope you give him what for when he does that lol! Mine in the past has touched the non existent brakes when in the passenger seat & I tell him off them & ask who is driving/do I do that to him?!!!! Always sheepish for the rest of the journey!

  • Lol!

  • Mine has our three sons to back him up though -sexists all! Or it could just mean that I am actually a rubbish driver? Allanah definitely isn't though - I've been driven by her and it was fun!

  • Lol! I'm a great driver ha ha, rallies here we all come!

  • Go burn some rubber A - do it for all of us RD women!

  • Get your motor running

    Head out on the highway

    Looking for adventure

    And whatever comes my way

    Born to be wild.........

  • Oh my word what did I start??!!

  • Hi I tow our van and it is a 3ton 26ft ft 5th wheel but i only tow if I know the roads as Hubby is a rotten navigator


  • That's my worry that I would go down a huge hill with a dead end or something!!! Need a caravan sat Nav xx

  • Check out 'Like a girl' online...

    Surely, we can achieve anything we set our minds too!

  • Wow Atticus!! I am a product of my upbringing !! I am 54 had a moment to challenge it and what a great campaign. So I can drive the caravan, like a girl, in a good way. Great videos if any one wants to look I think!

  • Brilliant!! "Keep doing it cos it's working" . 40 million + hits, let's hope it gets even more. Thanks for that Atticus.

  • Rethinking this reminded me of years ago when 'the girls' had an evening gokarting. Some fellas (who none of us knew) challenged us 'girlies' to a race & another girl & myself came first & second. They weren't best pleased to say the least, particularly the one who was third!! Boy my spine hurt the next day but it was worth every bruise lol! I'd be hard pushed to even get in one nowadays, even from a sitting position on the ground mmmmm.

  • Hi Allanah just notice you can get caravan sat nav. Its a garmin tourer. Hope this helps!!!! Would love to be able to sit and not notice that carpet needs a hover...........x

  • Boys can Hoover too!!!!! Lol thanks I will look at the sat Nav once I get onto a towing course!!! Mmmm scardey cat me!!! Lol

  • You will be fine xx

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