Had leg strapped up

Had leg strapped up

I have lymphodoema in my left left which has become greatly swollen this past few weeks due to an RA flare in my ankles. My GP has referred me to physio who specialises in lymph treatments and I had my first visit yesterday. I have two layers of thick stretchy bandage, and I have to go everyday to have it replaced.

The thing is, the pressure of the bandages over my very swollen ankle is hideously painful, and I am beginning to think that just putting up with the lymphodoema is preferable to this gnawing pain. I had a nasty patch of cellulitis on my shin earlier on in the spring and GP wants to get some of the fluid off my leg to lessen the risk of further cellulitis.

I am so fed up, hate this very tight bandaging especially in this heat, can't wait for it to all end. RA and lymphodoema do not go well together !! Lynda x

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  • So sorry , that sounds horrid. I hope the bandages help the swelling o down quickly . Thinking of you x

  • You poor thing just hope the treatment works quick x

  • Oooh. That sounds sore. Hopefully being seen every day at least they can monitor you well I guess? Hope it solves the problem. :)

  • I had the same problem but she put everything on tight but not to tight. They started to sag when I walked my dogs. This was in middle of winter though so extra coverage wasn't to bad. Hopefully it works for you. It really sucks when you get flares in ankles and feet.

  • No visit to physio today, so bandages staying on until tomorrow morning when they will be replaced again. Leg incredibly tender, be glad when this is all over. I shall then have to wear support stocking to stop the leg filling up again. This problem started about 20 Years ago. I got bitten by pesky Mosquitos on holiday in Majorca, they nibbled thru my lymph vein, and that was it! Trouble is, my ankle and knee become very swollen with RA and then the fluid cannot drain away.

    I am just going to have my shower, hubby put black bin bag on my leg yesterday and taped it on, needless to say it did not work! Got wet. Hoping for improved technique today!! Lynda x

  • Hi jockety, sorry to here you have lymthodema I have it now for 2 years took it after I took pmr 4 years ago, istill go to physio my legs were bandages for 6 months , I now wear stocking, s I can't do without them hope you get the treatment you need.

  • Hi Grace, what's PMR ? How did you cope with bandages for six months, that's a terrible thought, I'm only day three and already had enough! I think if my ankles were not so inflamed I would cope better. I think I shall be very relieved when I get to the stocking stage. Did you also have painful joints whilst you had your bandages on ?

    We have a lot to contend with don't we ? Lynda x

  • Not totally relative Lynda but when I was in my early teens my knee used to give way & my GP just told me to support it with elastic bandage & if I did it too tightly my ankle swelled. Is it possible that this is happening in your case, on top of expected swelling I mean?

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