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Anyone had a wrist replacement?

Have been advised my left wrist is badly damaged with RA and OA and despite lots of physio and seeing a hand specialist who has made an appropriate support for me, it has been found through a MRI scan I need a wrist replacement.

The only one I have seen had been done some 30 years ago and was horrible, very disfigured. I realise things have moved on but wonder if anyone has had one, just to give me peace of mind. I have extreme faith in my surgeon but am very apprehensive.



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Hi I have had RA and OA for 40 years plus and have had both my wrists fused, my right shoulder pinned and a complete right elbow replacement and they couldn't be better. I couldn't even lift a telephone without it feeling agony, so to have that pain relieved is wonderful! My wrists were done some 30 years ago and the left one was a replacement originally, but because it was new technology it began to split and had to come out. It was replaced with a fusion the same as the other wrist. It feels weird at first because your brain tells you that you can move your wrist, but obviously you can't ! You learn to compensate your movements and I hasn't really hindered me in any way. I hope this gives you some encouragement to get the pain relief you deserve!


Thank you very much for your reply, I feel much happier now I have read your reply.



Hi muffin,

Do consider giving the NRAS Helpline team a call if you are feeling apprehensive. In addition, we may have a telephone volunteer who has had the procedure done that could speak to you on the phone?

You may also find it helpful reading the following article on our website nras.org.uk/an-overview-of-... and at the bottom there are some other links to some further ARUK documents.

Kind regards

Emma - NRAS


Hi Muffin, I had a total wrist replacement 15 months ago and at the same time had the ulna head removed and tensons repaired in my hand as they had ruptured and left my pinkie and ring finger drooping. I live in Scotland and travelled to derby royal hospital to have it done and it was a complete success. My wrist was eroded due to ra and I was in constant pain. I had loads of intensive physio and now I have more movement than previously and I can make a fist again. I had an epidural in my arm for the op and light sedation - I did wake up but could feel nothing. The epidural was continued for 3/4 days after the op to help with pain relief and I was also given excellent pain relief from staff. If there's anything else you want to know, just ask. Best wishes x


Thanks ever so much, you have reallly helped me. I feel much happier to go forward with the op now.

Thanks a million.



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