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Bullying in work

I am currently off work. I can only use my personal experience of this: the organisation that I work for have deemed this so serious that they will have an investigation nonetheless. I have been working for this company for 8 years; I was diagnosed with RA 3 years ago. I have had my diary hidden and my chair adjusted when I go to the loo. My colleagues imitate the way that I walk.

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That's poor thing having to cope with such childish and cruel behaviour.Let's hope the investigation sees the culprits at worst reprimanded and at best sacked.

Be strong

keep blogging we are here to support each other

Sue x


I am horrified that you have had this experience. God knows what gets into some people. I was bullied at work almost forty years ago and I still remember how terrible it was. I hope everything works out for you. Take care.


Gawd, people never cease to amaze me! I don't know if any of you have ever read 'Emma and I' but Sheila, the author, was blind and had a guide dog at work with her and some of her colleagues saw the way she managed to find her way through the office with ease, and without Emma, the dog, and they thought she was just pretending to be blind so she could have her dog in the office. <Sigh> So they made an obstacle course of chairs and tables in the aisles one day and watched her crash into them all before admitting that perhaps she was blind.

The moral of this story is people are idiots and that doesn't change over the years. <Sigh>

Thank goodness I work for myself and my less-than-a-handful of hand-picked employees aren't like that ... they just aren't those kinds of people, or I wouldn't have recruited them ... and if they were then they wouldn't be dumb enough to let the boss know, I guess! I'm VERY lucky from that point of view - I was already working for myself when the RA started. I thought that was a bad thing - no sick pay, no cover, no benefits, have to pay for my own comfy chair ... but turns out it was probably a VERY good thing really!


pengiun ..whats you job>? / business?


Hi Andrea, people like that will always exist I'm afraid some they can be very cruel, not only in things they do but in what they say.

I hope they get what's coming to them not only at your work but in the real world too. Try not to rise to it your better than that, and don't be forced out of your job either, as wherever you go there will always be another cruel person round the corner with nothing better to do.

I know some things are easier said than done but be strong and ignore them.

Hope all goes well and things get sorted soon

take care

mand xx


Horrendous, I hope that the investigation turns out positively for you x


Hi Andrea,

Hang on in there!

I was subjected to bullying and discrimination at work for several years. I was even offered help to find another job by the instigator! The person was my boss, and every occasion he got he'd run me down in front of others. Normally playing on the fact that I'm an English woman working in France and therefore wasn't capable of understanding French, softly disguised insults, properly. I hung on in despite everything, I even became ill with depression due to the pressure but went back with fear in my stomach.

The final result was that I remained in the job whilst he was transferred elsewhere.I also eventually got a promotion, only due to the fact that they offered me a better one elsewhere which I refused.

Today I am still in the same casino, as an inspector, with some of the same twats in charge who do not understand my illness. I am off sick since Sept 2009 and have no intention to go back, as the working conditions do not help with the RA, but I will leave on MY terms not theirs.

Whatever you do DO NOT GIVE IN AND LEAVE!! Stay off as long as you need to, use the time to rest and reassess your situation Think about whether you need to change job and if so what you can do. Then, and ONLY THEN, decide how to go about leaving or being made redundant from your current job.

Take time and I hope it all goes well.

Hugs xxx


Hi Andrea

THis is horrible and in this day and age you would think that these morons would understand. I've had a bit of snide bullying as I can't do the stairs at work, so cannot make the coffee runs I do force myself to do one at least but I have to comedown backwards putting the cups on the step in front of me quite a dangerous thing to do. But noway are they going to say I haven't tried.

The NRAS have people we can talk to and give good advise and Rich on the main forum has a wealth of knowledge, have a go. keep strong.

Best wishes




immm try to get some counselling if you can and feel ok about the cost not because the bullying has anything to do with you you but because these lowlife will most probably have seriously damaged your self esteem by their despicable behaviour. My experience of good quality counselling (Pehaps shop around maybe look for an occupational psychologist with experience of bullying issues ) is that it can be really positive and enable you to find inner resources/strategies that you previously woulodnt have thought were within you.

Also legislation is on your side dont be afraid to draw on it and also to seek legal advice if necessary- even if you ultimate decide the fight is not worth the stress. I have a colleague who went through something similar with x employees. She took them to court and won. I could ask her how she did it if you like.

Remember there is a great truth in life " what goes around comes around" these vile people will eventually get bitten, of that Im sure. Take comfort in the fact that your NRAS community understands your very real struggles to keep working and we all know how much courage we show daily taking on this " wretched disease" ( I think lynn recently called it that)

Take Good care of yourself You deserve it



Hi Sparkle, if you could read my response to Andrea below, any information from your friend that could help me, would be very much appreciated!! xxx Thanks Michelle.x.x


Thanks, Sparkle. I did get a hell of a lot of support from one colleague, who also said, "no one knows what's round the corner". The name calling has been the worst aspect, which I mentioned to my GP - hence the counselling thing, as that is what she suggested. I don't know, it's not really my thing.


Hi Andrea, Sorry to hear about your problems at work. I too am off work again, I only returned in September 2010, after being diagnosed RA April 2010. I'd just completed phased return and all the problems started. I went back Full time 35 hours per wk but was using some Annual Leave I was due, breaking the week up. I too have worked for my employer for many years. My chair was adjusted for me to suit, and everytime I was off, I had been moved, adjusted etc.... Access to work came into do an assessment and made it clear on the report that nobody is move the chair and to put a sign on the back. I am off sick again since Feb 2011 Its been a complete nightmare. Grievance heard, it was all admitted although they didn't even issue a verbal warning to the people. So ive appealled and was advised to send to the Employment Tribunal, I have had to stick up for myself because it was one of many things that had been going on and I just had enough. Let me know how you get on anyway.

Love Michelle.x.x.x.



I will talk to her and get back to you. Feel free to message if you like.



I hope there are serious repercussions in your company for people who treat others like that. I cannot imagine. And people wonder what drives others to go postal.


The deciding factor to my leaving work was, 'Raspberry Ripple' (Cripple) Works Here Temp, and 'Old Sick Note' written in my diary. Maybe getting called 'Raz' got to me every day.


All I will say is I think you have a legal case for bullying/ constructive dismissal etc.

I feel very strongly that we need to challenge this kind of offensive discriminatory behaviour as it is completely abusive and totally unacceptable in the work place or anywhere for that matter.

It really diminshes the people who behave in this way.

I would like to think that there is a recourse in law at least for victims in the future as NOBODY SHOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THIS.

Think im going to have a look at the legislation more closely and some of the DIsability Rights Organisation sites to see what I can find out...... what does NRAS say??

May blogg on the subject later..............( My Husband says Im turning into an RA pain in the ars**!!)


My employers are well aware of it. I have been informed that there is a full on investigation. My employers are Nacro. My husband has been saying I'm a Socialist pain in the arse for years!


Oh Good. But I do realise that these things are a personal choice so please forgive me if being too pushy. I just so hate bullying. Got to watch I dont turn into a bully about what I think is the right way to deal with things =)

I hope you see Justice with this situation. And you are managing to compartmentalise it from the rest of your life when you want too.

PS I read about someone who described themselves as a RA warrior on an American Site somewhere...cant remember when or where it was now.... brain fog



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