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I have been off work for 7 months I got paid for 6 but now nothing my husband helps I feel helpless they say you will get better but when how long do I have to cope with this I feel like giving up only got 3 yrs left to work anyway if the gov had not of raised the age to 66 I would of retired now and maybe coped better 😞

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Dear Elswick,

My poor friend. I can totally understand how you feel. When I was at the peak of my suffering, I almost gave up. I was very lucky that I did not. 1 1/2 years down the road, my condition has been under very good control and I was/am back to my very normal life.

Though my joints are not as strong before but I am in very good health condition right now. As I continue my yoga everyday, I can even do the split my legs pose now.

During those very painful days, I felt hopeless and I saw no future. I was only in pain day in and out. If I did give up then, where would I be today? Therefore, do not give up. Work with your rheumy and physiotherapists. Trust them and give time to the medications to work on your body.


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Thanks for kind words xx

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If you haven't got long until retirement - have you thought about retiring on ill-health grounds? Might be worth finding out the financial implications?

Don't whatever you do hand in your notice - never in your best interests.

And don't despair - it IS possible to lead a more or less normal life with adequate treatment, but it often takes time - longer than 7 months I'm afraid, to reach that point.

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Thanks I will look into that x

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Or what about early retirement on health grounds?

Hoping things start to feel better for you soon x

I know that feeling retirement age for me is 66 too.

I took the plunge and retired from work but they have not sorted my work pension yet. Now it’s going to be 60 days before I know how much I receive.

They don’t care how you will pay your bills for the next 2 months.

I feel so much better

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Mine took about 6 months to sort in the end Matilda with help of lovely HR woman: am so grateful to her. Tbh with hindsight I don’t know how I got through last year there: 45 years of contributions n worked all my life, so don’t feel bad and cope so much better x hope yours finally sorted soon

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not all women have pensions :( I note that female MPs were exempt from the 66 age limit because they were not given the chance to 'save' for retirement.

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I didn’t know that: neither were we- how absolutely disgusting!🤬 where did you find that out jell of you don’t mind me asking: wouldn’t surprise me if they kept it quiet but can find nothing; do you have link?

I'm so sorry you're having such an awful time. I sincerely hope you find the right meds very soon


Hi Elswick, I hope you get sorted soon with the right combination of drugs & maybe go back if you want to. I've been off for 2 months & started a phased return to work which is good & bad. I need to work and only on full pay for a short period of time. I have 15-20 years before retirement and the prospect of not working & paying the bills is really worrying.

Like the others have said maybe looking into early retirement would be the best thing all round for you. Good luck in whatever you decide & feel better soon.

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Bless you don’t sound to bad when I have only 3 yes left to work hope you feel better maybe I will do early retirement tc

Totally with you on retirement age elswick, ridiculous how quickly that came in , I’ve got 4 years to go, same 66. I got v small ill health retirement and pip: yes both stressful but totally worth it, every little bit helps. Could you apply for esa? If unable to work. I know it’s awful doing all these things when in pain and ill, heart goes out to you. One step at a time I guess xx

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Thanks I would of gladly retired if the gov had not moved the goal post it really #### me off I will go back on phase time trouble is I do manual work it’s different if you work in a shop or something light work never mind thanks for your reply tc

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Sorry to sound thick but what is pip would I be entitled to it never claimed in all my life ???

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Neither had I before all this: it is personal independence payment to help with disability, not means tested and can get it if working as well so could at least reduce hours a bit. NRAS do excellent free booklet on it if you ring them.

You are not thick 😊 good luck x

My state retirement age is 66 but I could claim my teacher’s pension at 60, but I intended to work until I was 66. When I was 59 I had the worst flare I had ever had, brought on by the stress of Ofsted! I very quickly came to the conclusion that there was more to life than work, and it was time I put my health first. I lost. Little on my private pension, and we have had to cut back a bit, however I haven’t regretted my decision one little bit. The only downside is that because I’m not running about like a headless chicken I have more time to think about my aches and pains!

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That’s what I find if your busy or doing something you can cope a bit with pain sickness fatigue then collapse happy soul me thanks for your reply x got 5 grandchildren at the moment help

I feel for you it seems you’re stuck between a rock and a hard place. I was made to retire on ill health grounds and I worked for the NHS it broke my heart and wasn’t easy. But I didn’t lose out on a penny of my pension as technically it was their idea. Don’t whatever you do resign ! I’ve got to say it was emotionally very difficult at 1st but the best decision I ever made. I am able to cope much better and to be honest don’t know how I ever managed to work at all. It’s only because I loved my job that I went through hell. Hopefully things improve for you and it doesn’t get to the stage of being unable to work (if you want to) I was 49 when I had to go. Shame but still know I eventually had to go. Do your research some pensions have clauses for better payouts due to ill health. Mine didn’t but know rules have changed.

yes. And the stress knowing you have to wait. All those men too who were able to retire aged 60 with pension credit - all gone. It was a safety net. And the rubbish about living longer. No one can live longer than their genetic age. It is hereditary. Averages comparing things to Victorian times include child deaths (childhood illness etc) give false readings for a low 'average' longevity age. And when you look at the current statistics a few months isn't living longer! Plus statistics show the actual age of death has been gradually lowering since 2010.....

If a woman got passed and survived child bearing years then no reason why she wouldn't live to a ripe old age.

Lies, damn lies n statistics eh?! X

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