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I'm in a pickle about work!


Like many others I'm very unsure about what to do about work.

I'm on methotrexate & leuflunomide and told my work last week that I'm not comfortable coming into work ( I'm on reception in an opticians) .

At the time I thought this was ok because of the advice given out my government. But since my work has phoned and HR has said I'm not in the group getting the letter so have to make a decision on if I'm coming back into work.

I'm apparently not sick enough to be off sick but if I did go down this route I don't earn enough to get ssp and would be potentially unpaid.

For now we are staying open so I have decisions to make.

The stress had made me ill and my joints flare but on a positive note... the sun is shining ☀️

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I REALLY dont know what to say on this one, all you can do then us keep customers in the 2 metres away from you. Ask optician for personal protective equipment. If you are flaring it increases your risk .

I expect the optician is only letting exceptional cases In at the moment.

i dont think you can be passing plastic or metal frames to clients either as the virus can live on it. Have a look on the official opticians website . Clean your keyboard thoroughly and wash your hands regularly.

You need CLEAR guidelines from your employer, do you have a union for advice?

Not nice of your employers I feel. Sorry these are the only things I can think off . But sending love x

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Our ophthalmologist sent email open but only for emergencies with 2 staff as he's on the PEARS scheme and only letting one in at a time and wiping everything touched including frames which is unlikely down. No routine tests.

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Thankyou no union this advise was given by HR, thanks for your reply xx

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I'm thi king if you, however I bet as clinicians they work to strict protocol anyway so they should have staff protection in place ? X

Ask them to do you a risk assessment for the current working conditions... they will probably back off!!

A risk assessment and a question about what protection you are being offered is not an unreasonable ask on your part.

Good luck.

Can you email rheumatology helpline & ask whether high risk for work? At least you’ve got it from experts then. I’ve found some of the tables contradictory so asked mine x

i would say your employer has a H & S responsibility to you . i have discussed my absence from work and they are happy until i sdee my specialist next week sinc ethey cannot garentee social distancing and i am between 2 and 3 on the scale and my GP says im between medium and high risk Basically my company does not want to take the risk with me .

Can your employer find you something to do away from customer facing just a idea

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