Horrible foot pain!

Today I went out and decided to wear these sort of high heeled boots that I had gotten last year. For the first portion of the day, everything was fine. But once I hit the mall, OH GOSH, the pain was unbearable. I had to sit down so many times and remove my shoes and rub my feet. Now that I am at home and have them off, I can hardly walk. The top of my feet, the meaty part below the area of my toes, are in extreme pain and they are both swollen. Help! What do I do? I can hardly even walk and do the simplest of tasks!!

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  • Put your feet in a bowl with epsom salts in them to ease the symptoms darling.xxxx

  • That's a big problem with us I usually have my sketchers on most off the time but I know for women different types off shoes are essential with different types off clothing

  • Could be metatarsalgia. If you have RD it's quite often a problem if the feet are affected or if you don't have RD high impact sports (jogging, jumping) or even having worn flats more recently & then go straight into wearing heels, could cause problems. Best thing I find is to rest them up, I find heat helps (I use an electric foot warmer) but it's worth trying cold too if you react better (bag of of frozen peas wrapped in a towel for short periods, 15mins or so). It can be blinkin painful, you have my sympathy. I also find massaging Pernaton gel on both the top & bottom of the foot helps too.

  • I have grown used to flat shoes. The last time I wore any heels was 2 years ago for a wedding and my feet hurt+++ and I didn't have RA then or maybe I did.

    I find sketchers are very comfortable too. I wear them for work as on my feet for for most of the day.

  • Can only wear skechers now...wearing heels 👠 is a no no xx

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