People with RA losing higher rate mobility component in DLA to PIP reassessments

People with RA losing higher rate mobility component in DLA to PIP reassessments

A common issue discussed on this forum, in calls to our helpline and when I am out and about all over the country at NRAS group meetings is the loss of the higher rate mobility component when people who have been on DLA, sometimes for years, are reassessed for PIP.

This anecdotal evidence has now been backed up by shocking new stats revealed in a Freedom of Information request from the BBC to the Department for Work and Pensions.

If you have been affected, we'd like to hear your story and include it as a case study in our call to government for a review in to this situation, please email with your story telling us how this affected you.

Conn O'Neill

Policy & Public Affairs, NRAS

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  • And still Teresa May is our patron!!! Unbelievable.

  • Under the old rules I would have got the higher rate for care and mobility. Instead I get the standard rate for both. Many campaigns took place round the changes round the changes in dropping the 200m to 50m walking distances.

  • can we drop Mrs May as patron in light of this????

  • I have a diagnosis of seropositive RA (20 years) and Cervical Dystonia (3 years), I was eligible previously for high rate mobility and middle rate care. I was told to transfer to PIP and scored "zero" for both parts. I was just about managing to work in admin 16 hours/week but because I lost this benefit I also lost tax credits. They deemed me fit n healthy because I work and I passed my driving test (I explained I took my driving test 25 yrs ago before I was diagnosed). I was left with not enough money to buy medication, food etc therefore I have had to beg work (NHS) for more hours they were reluctant due to my conditions but finally let me increase to 22 1/2 hrs/week, this is extremely difficult especially with no medication but I have no choice. I am frightened to be off sick as they are going to review the situation in 3 months and I cannot afford to lose these hours otherwise I will be on the streets. I struggle to drive due to my conditions, my parents drive me a lot.

  • Disgraceful that this "charity" that "supports" us backs the architects that created the cuts that some folks have to suffer!! Truly awful, disgraceful and in my opinion immoral!!

    May has to go!!

  • In NZ we don't get anything

  • I too have lost out when reapplying for PIP, I was on high rate for mobility and low for care approx £317 pm) now reduced to approx £80 pm. I have had RD for nearly 20 years and my joints have got much worse, I have had both ankle joints replaced and hand operations and now waiting for a hip to be done this month, and basically I am much worse now at 62 and feel I need to stop work but financially can't. I am appealing against the decision because I believe I should have been awarded more points.

  • I had my mobility higher rate taken from me.I now Have had severe left foot problem for the last 8 weeks should I reapply for mobility? I have had rheumatoid for over 10 years on methotrexate etc.I am worried that they would carry out a full reassessment I get standard rate

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