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Finally, 6 days to my consultant appt!

This time next week I'll be seeing a consultant for the 1st time since positive bloods back in November. I've written a list of lumps, bumps and symptoms that span over the last decade (and a bit!) and kind of started a diary but soon stopped as it was depressing to actually put it down on paper (you don't realise how much things are going on until you write it down ... which writing in itself hurt!) Any tips on what to say/do, or advice on what to expect? :-D

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LOL, not sure if the tag 'depressing' is just being personal - Ha-Ha!!!


Bring a friend to take notes. Try to be succinct in explaining how you are. I kept a pain diary too but so far haven't found a rheumy that interested in it. Good luck, let us all know how it goes. Oh and don't be surprised if you have to wait a while.



Just take a deep breath and explain your problems, in a calm, manner keeping all points relevant to your condition

Remember the Specialist is in partnership with you and your GP, The Specialist would have been sent a letter describing your problems.



I agree with borderriever, just ask if you can give a quick a-z, not rambling. all the best


Thankyou everyone, I think I'm worried that it's going to be like an interview where I need to prove my ailment's are not in my head! I have no visible symptoms unless you count my MRI from last march that shows nodules on my neck. I was cutting the veg for the Sunday roast this weekend and my index finger became red, swollen and burnt so I took a photo! I thought I'd mention all the joints that ache or bloomin hurt, ice cold hands and feet, muscle cramps in neck, feet and hands, extreme fatigue and breathlessness. Then a quick history of when symptoms have increased i.e. every 6-7yrs since I was 18 and that this 'flare' just doesn't seem to want to give up! Too much? I don't want them to fall asleep! :-o


Hi Opal, dont worry about them falling asleep, the more you can tell them the more pieces of the puzzle there will be, as my consultant quite often desribes it. Do you have any stiffness and hiw long does it last, they will probably ask that, and it helps to think about it before hand, especially how long it lasts. They will then ask you loads of questions and probably send you off for more blood tests and x rays before completing the puzzle and may not give you a diagnosis untill your second visit. Thats how my first one went anyhow . Good luck and take care

Tracy x


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